John Piper’s Disgusting Tweet: ‘5 Year Olds Who Find Sex Boring’

And to think I used to read Piper (way back in my Bible College days that is) :

As Dr West (HT) observes:

Surely he could have chosen a better analogy, right?  Or does he just know a lot of 5 year olds having sex?

The problem is comparing interest in God with 5 year olds and sex. That’s the problem.

Absolutely reprehensible!


7 thoughts on “John Piper’s Disgusting Tweet: ‘5 Year Olds Who Find Sex Boring’

  1. Very bad analogy certainly! Piper is a very, very poor “twitter” it appears! I hope he is not losing mental ground early? And indeed we “pastors” need to elevate our sexual thinking, and just where we put our minds. I know “sex” has become satan’s tool today, fully. Our culture is now sexually obsessed!

  2. Awful analogy that distracts from his observation that Christian churches have indeed by and large presented God in a boring and unimaginative manner. The Homilies…God have mercy!

  3. This comment is probably more insightful than any of us can comprehend…and for that reason alone should Pastor Piper be more cautious with the words he chooses to use outside the context of interpersonal dialogue. I assure you that his heart is gold – a true lover of Jesus, but like all of us, his flesh is prone to fail and appear incomplete. Let’s be merciful, forgiving, and hopeful towards Pastor Piper in the same manner that God has been and continues to be towards each of us. John 13:35. Peace.

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