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SOLT Report on Fr John Corapi: Sexual Activity, Alcohol and Drugs Abuse, Improper Sacramental Practices

[The full SOLT statement is up on their website here] The Deacon’s Bench has the shocking report: Fr. John A. Corapi submitted his resignation from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (“SOLT”) early in June. SOLT is … Continue reading

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Godlessness Has Doomed Britain

Britain today has become one of the most godless societies on Earth… There’s more in Jerusalem Post (of all places) : Its principle ‘religious’ exports today are thinkers who despise religion. From Richard Dawkins, who has compared religion to child abuse, … Continue reading

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How to Defend the Church in the Public Square

A really good job it is! … This is quite a remarkable performance. Never mind the strategy; witness the fervour and the conviction. The Sensible Bond via Fr Z (HT).

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Anglican Charity Gives £1 Million to the Ordinariate!

Writes Ruth Gledhill: The Charity Commission has been asked to investigate a £1 million grant made to the Ordinariate, a new Roman Catholic organisation for defecting Anglicans, by a 150-year-old Anglican charity. Trustees of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, … Continue reading

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List of Biblioblogs and Related Blogs

Seems like the Biblioblog library is up and running… and this blog is there! You can check out the entire list of Biblioblogs and Related Blogs here.

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