Godlessness Has Doomed Britain

Britain today has become one of the most godless societies on Earth…

There’s more in Jerusalem Post (of all places) :

Its principle ‘religious’ exports today are thinkers who despise religion. From Richard Dawkins, who has compared religion to child abuse, to my friend Christopher Hitchens, who titled his 2007 book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, the British have cornered the market on being anti-God – at least the Christian and Jewish varieties.

While 92 percent of Americans believe in God, in Britain only 35% do and, according to Britain’s National Center for Social Research, 43% say they have no religion. The percentage of those affiliated with the Church of England dropped from 40% in 1983 to 23% in 2009.

In truth, though, if Britain’s Christian tradition is dying out, the leaders of the faith have only themselves to blame…

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One thought on “Godlessness Has Doomed Britain

  1. The whole Jerusalem Post article is well worth the read! Perhaps in America their Bible-Belt is one of the things that is alive and well to some degree? And sadly that is long gone in Britain! To “believe” the Bible as the Word of God is always the presupposition of the Holy Scripture itself!

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