Mom Harvested Dead Son’s Sperm to Make Grandchild

She harvested the son’s sperm before having his life-support switched off!

I think it’s normal for my parents to want a grandchild. A hint every now and then from my mom about how she’d like to have a baby in the family again has been standard operating procedure since I’ve hit the later 20s. What’s not normal, however, is how badly Marissa Evans wants a grand-baby. She went a little too far. She harvested her dead son’s sperm.

Marissa was devastated in 2009 when her 21-year-old son Nikolas sustained a life-threatening brain injury during a fight outside an Austin, Texas bar. He was on life-support for five days before Marissa, 44, had to make the terrifying decision to pull the plug. But before she did so, she was allowed to collect some of Nikolas’ sperm. And so the weird science continues.

Marissa just wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a grandmother, she says, and also claims she’s making Nikolas’ dream come true, too — he’s always wanted to be a dad. Marissa told The Sun: “The weekend before he died we were talking about what a great dad he would be. And we were saying I’d be a good grandma too. Then just a week later all that suddenly changed.”

It changed when the judge ruled it was OK for doctors to take some of Nikolas’ sperm so Marissa could impregnate a surrogate with her grandchild. She found a woman willing to be a part of this science fiction story at a Mexican clinic — she’s paying $29,000 for several attempts at pregnancy. Marissa has hand-picked the egg donor…

This is wrong evil on so many levels: ethically, morally and theologically. Very selfish of her, and I doubt that it will solve anything by this wicked course of action.

The Daily Mail also has the story with photos here.

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