Fr Corapi’s Lawsuit Against Accuser (Full Text)

Jimmy Akin has it:

At the bottom of this post I’m linking a copy of the legal pleading by which Fr. Corapi filed suit against his accuser.

Many people have understandably been curious as to what the lawsuit says, and it is a matter of public record that can serve to shed light on the case. (In particular, it tells Fr. Corapi’s side of the story via his lawyers.)

Although I have unredacted copies of the pleadings in the case, I am including one here that omits the name of the accuser (a) because although the accuser’s name is now widely known, she was outed and has not to date chosen to make significant public statements on the subject and (b) because I do not have the original copies of the pleadings scanned at this point. I may post more, including unredacted ones, in the future.

I would call attention to two particular parts of the pleading.

First, there is paragraph 15 of the complaint, which contains Fr. Corapi’s summary of the accusers allegations (Corapi maintains these are false; click image to enlarge):

Second, I would call attention to paragraph 28, which contains an excerpt from the non-disclosure agreement that Corapi allegedly paid $100,000 to the accuser to sign (click image to enlarge):

A pdf. download of the above document is available here.

The whole thing is messy.

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