The Catholic Church’s Unique Role in Sudan and in the West

Catholic Online:

We hear so many negative things about our Church: that the Church interferes with change and progress; that it is against science and breeds ignorance; that it kept the West mired in the Dark Ages; that it is intolerant, oppressive and causes wars. But what we hear is not true. Rather, the Church is just the opposite! The Church is not only the font of God’s grace and spiritual blessings, it is uniquely qualified to help build civilizations.

The historic events happening in the African nation of Sudan exemplify the Church’s unique giftedness. Although it is possible for war to break out again in this country, we can still be proud of the Church’s efforts to help Southern Sudan achieve independence. But such accomplishments are nothing new for the Church. The Church played an even greater role in the building of Western Civilization. Perhaps we can see the true Church for ourselves if we take a brief look at these two remarkable examples…

To do so, click here.

A good article.

Allow me also to say that our prayers go out to the new country that is Southern Sudan. There lies before them a rocky road indeed. Let the building begin.

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