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British Police Given Guidelines for Handling Pagan Rituals

ABC News reports: Paganism, a centuries-old faith, has just been officially established as a religion in England. Dating back to pre-Christian times, followers worship the land, animals, spirits and ancient gods and it’s been growing in popularity in recent years. Its … Continue reading

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Archbishop Charles Chaput to Lead Philadelphia Archdiocese Amid Abuse Scandal

Vatican News: Pope Benedict XVI appointed Archbishop Charles Chaput to succeed Cardinal Justin Rigali as Archbishop of Philadelphia on Tuesday. Until the new appointment, Archbishop Chaput had been the head of the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado. The 66 year-old Archbishop Chaput is part … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch’s Frailty Will Shock People

Writes Damian Thompson: Rupert Murdoch’s obvious frailty is a complicating factor in this case, and a rather shocking one. He’s able to understand the questions he’s being asked, but it’s hard to work out whether his monosyllabic answers are stonewalling … Continue reading

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