Anders Behring Breivik’s Evil YouTube Manifesto

Pure evil.

(TV2 Norway) — TV 2 know that the 32-year-old terror accused Oslo man has confessed to having published the material on the web. There are sources in the police confirming this to the TV 2

Anders Behring Breivik (32) Prior to the attacks, published a long manifesto and a video on the Internet, where he describes the attacks he was about to perform.

The video and document

“Marxist Hunter”

It is about more than twelve minutes long video, which Behring Brevik compare themselves with Knights, and encourage a year-long war against Marxism and Islamism.

He has also published a manuscript of 1,500 pages which he explains very extreme political views. In addition, he describes in detail how an attack to be carried out. Everything from the use of the car bomb of the type of equipment to be used in an attack.

On an image that has not previously been known pose the seemingly Anders Behring Breivik in a diving suit with what looks like an automatic rifle.

On his shoulder he has a badge that says “Marxist Hunter.”

In the document, which is over 1500 pages the author elaborates on events throughout history and will repeatedly return to the Knights Templar, or Knights Templar as they say in English.

Today, the Knights Templar, an order within the Masonic movement, which also Anders Behring Breivik was a member of.

He will now be excluded from the Masonic Order.

And here is his hate-filled YouTube Manifesto:

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4 thoughts on “Anders Behring Breivik’s Evil YouTube Manifesto

  1. This winter me and my wife were gonna go to england to see her family. After l watched this video, l am going to think again.
    l am turkish and the only terorism we got here is, a small part of kurdish people (have been brain washed) who has been sported by big sources (l mean big big people behind this). All this going on here is manipuletied (kontrol of it is not kurdish people). l believed it is all about selling guns, drugs. Check on the world’s biggest weapon makers and seller’s.
    When we look at a human, the first thing we shoul see is a HUMAN. lf we don’t, that’s where the problem starts. There is no relagion on this earth, that support the fights, kills or any wrongs. lf it is, that’s not a relagion.

  2. The massacre lasted for about 90 minutes. I am sure during that period some youngsters must have4 rang police about what was happening there. Why did the polce take so long to act?

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