Man Destroys Tabernacle and Desecrates Eucharist

At Colombia Chapel:

Bishop Fabio Duque Jaramillo of Armenia, Colombia has denounced the actions of a man who destroyed the chapel at the San Marcelino Parish Center for Evangelization, stole several chalices, and trampled on consecrated hosts.
The alleged perpetrator was taken into custody by police and is awaiting charges.
The director of communications for the Diocese of Armenia, Father Juan Carlos Rodas, told EWTN News that an act reparation will take place on July 23 at the chapel. “We will consecrate the new tabernacle, which will replace the one that was destroyed.  We have received permission to reserve the Eucharist again there for adoration and communion for the sick in our community,” he said.
Fr. Rodas also said the act of reparation will include prayers “for the repentance of the person who committed this abominable act and for forgiveness for the faults committed against the Lord’s presence” in the Eucharist.
Bishop Duque Jaramillo said police recovered a number of the items that were stolen. 
“No Christian can remain indifferent.  The theft committed at the San Marcelino Parish Center for Evangelization was a profanation of the Eucharist, a sacrilege that is troubling and hurtful,” he said in a statement.
“The Body of Christ thrown to the ground like a worthless object is a tragic image of a society that puts material goods above the one true good, which is Christ.  It reminds us of that day when men scorned, trampled and killed the God who became man out of love,” he added.
Bishop Duque Jaramillo noted that in accord with the Church’s norms, the chapel has remained closed until the day of the act of reparation, and that the person who committed the sacrilege has incurred automatic excommunication.


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