Pope Benedict XVI: Abandon the Way of Hatred


Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday prayed for the victim’s of Friday terrorist attack in Norway, which took nearly 100 lives. Speaking after his Angelus in Castel Gandolfo, the Holy Father said, “Unfortunately, yet again, comes news of death and violence,” and expressed his deep sorrow. He reiterated a “grief-stricken” appeal to all to forever abandon the way of hatred and to flee from the logic of evil.

Before reciting the Angelus, the Pope reflected on the importance of one’s conscience is doing good and avoiding evil. He was speaking about the first reading from Sunday’s Mass, which spoke of King Solomon, who had prayed to God to give him a meek heart, meaning a developed conscience to determine between good and evil.

The Pope said, “Solomon’s example applies to everyone…The moral conscience presupposes a capacity to listen to the voice of truth, and to be meek towards its indications.”

“In reality,” Pope Benedict XVI said, “the true quality of our own life and that of society depends on a person’s rightly formed conscience, and on everyone’s capacity to recognise good, separating it from evil, and to try and bring it about patiently to contribute to the cause of justice and peace.”

The Holy Father added, “People called to political office naturally have more responsibilities, and thus, as Solomon teaches, need God’s help even more.”

The Huffington Post also reports on his remarks here.


One thought on “Pope Benedict XVI: Abandon the Way of Hatred

  1. What the Pope says is true but many people in other countries do not have “rightly formed consciences”. In fact they even have a different world view (a different interpretation for what happens). The people of some countries have a world view that killing women and children is what their god wants to promote their religion.

    Yes, we must look to our own rightly formed conscience and try to inform those in our country of what God reveals to us is right and wrong but at the same time we must use physical force at times to not only protect our own country but also those weaker countries that are attacked militarily and those people oppressed by dictators that intend rule and oppress the entire world if they are not stopped.

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