Ongoing Vandalism in Munich Church

The St.-Georgkirche in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen: Youth disturb evening Mass, ignite paper and throw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts.
Munich ( The ongoing vandalism in the church of St. George in the North Munich neighborhood of Milbertshofen is becoming more than a nuisance. Youth have disturbed the evening Mass, ignited paper and threw it on the pews, they even urinated in the baptismal fonts. The youth are known by name, according to the “Süddeutsche”. Pastor Olivier Ndjimbi-Tschiende has written a letter to local politicians in the area, receiving immediate support as well as the advice to turn to the police.

The Pastor of St. George, Olivier Njdimbi-Tshiende, had withdrawn an ad that described the church community as child friendly. Anton Peter of the church administration reported that the church community has tried to work with the families of youth, but these have shown “no interest”.

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Creepy and Disturbing: Anders Behring Breivik Read My Blog

Well not mine (that I know of) but Fr Dwight Longenecker’s:

I learned over the weekend that the Norwegian assassin/terrorist actually read my blog.

Here’s how it happened: On Saturday I noticed a surge in my hits. When I checked the referral I saw that they were coming from a Norwegian website that Anders Breivik had been contributing to, and that in November 2009 he linked to one of my posts.

The post was one of my usual rants about modernist Christianity, and when I later saw a translation of Breivik’s comments about my post it was nothing extreme or weird in itself.

Nevertheless, to think that my blog is out there as part of this new global publishing phenomenon and that anybody at all can read it is always amazing. To think that this madman read at least one post on my blog was disturbing at first. Naturally I wondered if I had written anything to prompt such hatred and violence.

I don’t think I have. Still, I was creeped out by it. Breivik is clearly both mad and bad, and I guess all we can do in the face of such horror is be silent and pray.

Well Fr Longenecker, we can’t help who reads what we write and why (or what they will do with that information for that matter). I read your blog regularly (and it is happily even a part of my blogroll) because I am edified through what you write. The sad thing here is that Breivik clearly was not. And that is not your fault.

But I suppose this all just goes to show how important it is to watch what we say (and write) in life.