Justice Before Forgiveness

priest murdered

Pretoria – Justice has to be done before forgiveness can be considered for the killer of a Catholic priest in Diepsloot, a missionary told the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Thursday.

Father Sean O’Leary said he was sure their congregation and God would eventually forgive self-confessed killer Nelson Kabelo Malope, 20, but the church wanted to see justice done first.

Malope told the court he murdered Father Louis Blondel, 70, in 2009 and robbed him and fellow priest Guido Bourgeois because he wanted money for drugs and alcohol.

He said he and a group of four friends had decided to rob Father Blondel because they had an order for a computer.

Malope, who comes from Groblersdal, had only been in Diepsloot for four days when he murdered the respected priest.

O’Leary said if the court was lenient in sentencing Malope, it would send out the message that it was okay to kill a priest because they were easy targets.

“You can’t go around in the street at 02:00 in the morning with a gun and shoot a priest. It’s not acceptable,” he said

“The church is looking for justice. Not revenge. Just justice.”…

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Malope has been convicted and found guilty of the killing. The case is postponed to 05 September.


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