German Nuns Bake Thousands of Communion Wafers for Papal Visit

Seattle Times reports:

Germany – Benedict XVI will not visit the Benedictine Abbey of St. Gertrud, but preparations for his trip are nevertheless in full swing, with the nuns baking thousands of communion wafers to be blessed by the pope at Masses during his September tour.

In a small room at the back of the cloister, nestled on the edge of a forest south of Berlin, Sister Theresa pulls a lever that squirts liquid dough – a simple mixture of flour and water – onto one of a dozen hot irons. These press out sheets of thin, light wafer that are cut into dozens of rounds to be weighed, packaged and delivered to Roman Catholic churches in the capital and east of Germany.

“We are very happy that our communion wafers from our bakery will be offered at the Eucharist celebration,” Sister Theresa, 62, told The Associated Press.

The pope visits Germany on Sept. 22-25, arriving in Berlin and traveling through the former-communist east before wrapping up in the southwester diocese of Freiburg.

The order of 35,000 wafers for the Holy Mass, to be celebrated outside of the massive cathedral in the eastern city of Erfurt, was called in several weeks ago. Sister Theresa, assisted by Sister Placida and another woman from the village, has the wafers prepared and ready to be picked up by the postal workers for delivery.

“The wafers are already packed and will be put in the mail at the start of the month,” Sister Theresa said.

Since 1938, the nuns of St. Getrud have been providing hosts to eastern Germany’s Catholics – as well as some Lutheran communities.

Twelve sheets of the wafer can be baked in a span of two minutes. They are left in the open to absorb a bit of moisture overnight to prevent them from cracking when the small, circular wafers are stamped out with a drill-press.

Although the order has not yet come in for the Mass to be celebrated in Berlin’s Olympic stadium, which can hold up to 70,000 people, Sister Theresa did not seem concerned.

“We could make the 70,000 possibly needed for the celebration at the Olympic stadium in a single day of baking,” she said.


St Alphonsus

St Alphonsus Liguori is the Saint of the Day:

St. Alphonsus Liguori is a doctor of the Church, known for his contribution to moral theology and his great kindness. He was born in 1696 in Naples to a well-respected family. He was very intelligent and became a doctor of civil law at age 17. He resigned from a brilliant career as a lawyer in 1723, when he lost a case because he overlooked a small but important piece of evidence.

His resignation, however, proved profitable for the Church. He entered the seminary and was ordained three years later in 1726. He soon became a sought-after preacher and confessor in Naples. His sermons were simple and well organized that they appealed to all people. But his time as a diocesan priest was short-lived. In 1732, he went to Scala and founded the Redemptorists, a preaching order.

He was a great moral theologian and his famous book, “Moral Theology”, was published in 1748. Thirty years later, he was appointed bishop and retired in 1775. He died more than 10 years later in 1787 and was canonized in 1839.

He is the Patron Saint of theologians.

Wikipedia has more on him here.

And a quote:

He who trusts himself is lost. He who trusts God can do all things.


World Youth Day Is Not ‘Catholic Woodstock’

Msgr. Miguel Delgado Galindo, who was appointed undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity on June 18, told L’Osservatore Romanothat World Youth Day is not a “Catholic Woodstock.”

“Whoever is familiar with WYD knows that it is a stupendous occasion for evangelizing youth, a marvelous way for a personal encounter with Jesus in the presence of the Pope,” said Msgr. Delgado, who was looking forward to a career as an attorney before attending the 1989 World Youth Day in Santiago de Compostela and deciding to enter the seminary. “So the real protagonist is Christ, not the show, nor the multitude of young people. It can’t be considered the ‘Catholic Woodstock,’ a multicultural festival of Catholic young people which leaves no lasting trace when the lights go down.”

“Although it is an event which involves crowds, every single young person who participates remains profoundly moved,” he added. “WYD–if lived as a possibility to encounter Christ–can transform the lives of those who take part.”

In addition, the director of the Holy See Press Office said in his weekly commentary that World Youth Day has now touched three generations and will help the youth of the digital age to be “protagonists” in the proclamation of Christ.

“The generation of the 1960s confused revolutionary and libertarian ideas with their own personal contradictions,” said Father Federico Lombardi. “The generation of the 1980s witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, experienced the charisma of John Paul II, and were more open to the spiritual dimension in their lives. The generation of the third millennium is the generation of the internet and social networks, the youth of the digital age.”

“We are asked to join the Pope in Madrid, conscious that we are facing a new and important challenge: that of proclaiming Christ to the present generation, of inviting them to become the protagonists of this proclamation in the new areas of their lives–both geographically and virtually,” he added.

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Apple is Richer than the US Government

Apple apparently has more cash than the US Government:

According to a report from Business Insider, Apple Inc has more money than the US government. The media portal said that “the world’s largest tech company has more cash than the world’s largest sovereign government.”

Apple recently announced its financial results for the third quarter that revealed the company had $76.2 billion (£46.8bn) in cash and marketable securities at the end of last month.

Meantime, according to the latest statement from the US Treasury the US government had $73.8 billion (£45.3bn) at the end of the day of July 27.