The Borgias

I’m going to watch The Borgias again tonight.

It started last week here in South Africa (months after it premiered in the US). Rather rude and lewd in parts I thought, but then I must say that the props, decor and set was simply awesome.  Now while I hardly ever watch TV, I’ll give it a look-see in a little while…

Anyone else watching/following it?


John Corapi: Today Marks a New Era for me

And he has revamped his website too, having gotten rid of that hideous, creepy Black Sheepdog header. I must say it looks much better now:

Today marks a new era for me and for the good folks that work with me. We have launched our new website: Through this electronic vehicle we hope to continue to bring you a message of truth and hope…as I always tried to do in the past.

This week, with the launching of this new website, we’ll be introducing some new material…

I have always had difficulty saying goodbye to the past, and hello to new things. Change is not something I have always handled well, but you do what you have to do, and I’m not ready to lay down and die just yet so we’ll work hard at providing you with informative and inspiring material.

I hope you will come along with us on what will most likely be a very exciting ride. Speaking of rides, the album cover for the new audio/video version of my life story is a picture of me riding my Harley Davidson Fatboy through the hills of Montana. We had fun shooting the pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy our ride into the future.

Dear me… What a shame. Would that this Prodigal repent and be reconciled.

Bible Archaeology

The Damascus Gate Restoration

Dr Jim West by way of Joseph Lauer, from the Israel Antiquities Authority:

After extensive conservation work on the largest and most impressive of Jerusalem’s gates, which took nearly a year to complete, visitors there can now enjoy the gate in all its splendor just as the public experienced it for hundreds of years, until the ‘crown’ was damaged in the battles of 1967

The conservation of the gate was carried out as part of the Jerusalem City Wall Conservation Project, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Prime Minister’s Office

For hundreds of years, when visitors arrived in Jerusalem and entered the city by way of Damascus Gate – the largest and most magnificent of Jerusalem’s gates – they glanced up and saw the large ‘crown’ that the sultan Suleiman the Magnificent built atop the gate in 1538 CE.

But in 1967 the gate sustained serious damage and the crown was destroyed during the fighting in the Six Day War. Now, the Jerusalem Development Authority, in cooperation with the Israel Antiquities Authority and with funding provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, is concluding a comprehensive project of rehabilitating Damascus Gate, during which the gate was cleaned of the effects from the ravages of time and its ornamentation was restored, including the magnificent ‘crown’ at the top of the gate.

There are some more before and after photos here.


World Youth Day Begins

16 August 2011.

Vatican Radio reports:

Pilgrims are spending the morning registering with organizers and collecting their pilgrim kits, while throughout the day the parishes, oratories and institutes of the diocese are hosting catecheses and devotional prayer ahead of Mass at 8 this evening in Cibeles Square. Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to arrive on the 18th, and preside over the climactic events of World Youth Day, including the solemn Mass concluding WYD Madrid 2011 on Sunday the 21st.

The official World Youth Day site is here.

And there is a really nice flickr photo gallery going that can be checked out here.


Chores or ‘Forced Labour’?

11-year-old doing chores phones police complaining of ‘forced labour’

The headline caught my attention in the The Telegraph:

A German boy doing chores at home phoned the police to complain he was being made to do “forced labour”.

The 11-year-old from the western German city of Aachen phoned on Monday to make his complaint, adding that his mother “made him work all day”, police said.

“I have to work all day long. I haven’t any free time,” the boy told authorities over the phone.

His mother, who was not identified, later told police her son had been complaining over the holidays of having to help around the house, and had   repeatedly threatened to call the police over such “forced labour”.

When she asked him to pick up paper on the floor, he dialled the 110 police emergency number.

“He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he’s done, he calls it forced labour,” police quoted his mother as saying.

Lazy little imp.