Priests Continue to Confound Abortion Mill

We reported on these Priests previously here. I see they are still at it. Good for them!

If there ever was a clear case where God used evil intentions for good, we saw it at the Rockford abortion mill that has long been known for its vicious anti-God and anti-Christian bigotry. Again today. August 17, 2011. a group of Priests prayed prayers of exorcism at all four corners of the killing center.

As we have seen in the past, the mill landlord blew a gasket when he saw Priests surrounding the abortion mill. Earlier in the morning the landlord had all the parking around the mill blocked with his used cars so the mobile ultrasound clinic was forced to park out of view of the clinic entrance.At 8:30 am a couple cars pulled out of their parking spots near the mill entrance. In the past the mill landlord would immediately try to fill those newly opened spots with more of his cars, but today was different.

As the parking spots opened up. the mill landlord’s attention was all on the Praying Priests. He was spending his time writing and putting up his usual signs attacking the Priests and was too busy to notice and block the mobile ultrasound clinic from pulling around the block and parking right next to the entrance to the killing center.

While all this was going on. the Priests continued to pray quietly.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

By the grace of God, a short time later a woman stopped in the driveway of the abortion mill with the mobile ultrasound just a few feet away.

After a brief conversation with sidewalk counselors, she decided to use the free ultrasound.

God continues to use the prayers of countless Christians, the compassion of sidewalk counselors, and the free ultrasound to help mothers and children in Rockford.

Today God also used the evil and vicious actions of those inside the abortion mill to open up a much-needed parking place and to provided opportunities for life and grace outside the mill.

Here is a video:


Russian Court Bans Mickey Mouse Jesus Painting

Still with Russia, a painting that is part of a series called ‘Mickey Mouse’s Travels Though Art History’ depicting Jesus as Mickey Mouse in the Sermon on the Mount has been deemed ‘extremist’ and banned there:

RIA Novosti reports:

A court in central Russia has ruled that a painting of the Sermon on the Mount that features Mickey Mouse instead of Jesus Christ is extremist, the regional prosecutor’s office said on Friday.

Unless the Kaluga Region court’s ruling is successfully appealed, the painting will be banned from exhibitions, newspapers, magazines or television. The case was heard in the Kaluga Region after a local complained to the authorities.

Alexander Savko’s Sermon on the Mount painting – part of a series entitled Mickey Mouse’s Travels Though Art History – was first shown at a controversial 2007 exhibition called Forbidden Art.

“During the court hearing, it was established that Savko’s technique of uniting the image of Jesus Christ, which is sacred for Christians, and the comical image of Mickey Mouse, which in this situation is vulgar, has turned the graphic work into a caricature of Jesus Christ,” a statement on the prosecutor’s office’s website says.

“The Gospel story is therefore presented by the artist in the form of a comic, which is an extremely cynical and mocking insult to the religious beliefs and feelings of Orthodox Christian believers,” it says, adding that the court agreed with the prosecutor’s reasoning…

Well, I for one am glad that it has been banned. It’s most distasteful.


Russian Priest: Don’t Abort your Children. Give them to me!

Interfax – Head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Relations with the Armed Forces Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov promises to help those women who refuse from abortion and chose to give birth to their babies.

“I always give one reason: Why do you need to kill? Give the baby to me, no problem. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t use bad words, and I have two university degrees,” Father Dimitry said in A Matter of Principle TV program.

“My parish is one of the largest both in Moscow and globally, and not a single woman among my parishioners is willing to make an abortion. If we manage to stop abortions, we get an immediate growth,” he believes.

According to Father Dimitry, he visited a Moscow maternity clinic, and each woman there explained her intention to make an abortion with financial challenges.

“I was telling them we could give our guarantee to meet those challenges. But my own biggest problem was that not a single woman turned for help to me,” he said.

The above was here.


Former Anglican Priests: What About the Families?

With many married clergymen coming into the Church, logistical problems arise.

The NC Register reports:

When Father Ian Hellyer, a Catholic priest in England, figures his personal  budget, he faces concerns that are unusual for a Catholic priest: He must  consider the needs of his wife, Margaret, and their nine children.

A former Anglican clergyman, Father Hellyer was ordained in June into a  Church that by and large has not had to provide for men with families. He is a  priest of the personal ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, a newly erected  diocese for former Anglicans. It was created under the provisions of Pope  Benedict XVI’s Anglicanorum Coetibus, which made it possible for  former Anglicans to come into the Catholic Church in groups.

A similar ordinariate is expected to be up and running soon in the United  States, perhaps by the end of the year.

Some men who seek ordination as Catholic priests are coming from affluent  parishes.

“Episcopal clergy are expected to be paid at a professional level,” said  Father Ernie Davis, a former Episcopal priest and father of three.

Father Davis cautioned: “If you’re looking at the bottom line when you make  this decision [about whether to seek ordination as a Catholic priest], then this  isn’t the place for you.”

Episcopal clergymen in the United States often get in touch with Father  Christopher Phillips, another former Anglican priest who is pastor of Our Lady  of the Atonement, an Anglican-use parish in San Antonio, Texas, to inquire about  becoming Catholic priests.

“I put a fatherly arm around them and say, ‘Don’t think you are going to be  able to live like you have been living,’” Father Phillips said. Like Father  Davis, Father Phillips came into the Church under Pope John Paul II’s 1980  pastoral provision, a precursor to Anglicanorum Coetibus.

Clergy  from the “continuing Church” movement — breakaway Episcopal churches, which tend  to be less lavishly endowed — may face less financial shock, Father Phillips  said, because “they are more used to putting cardboard in their shoes.”

“When I finally discerned that God was calling me to full communion with the  successor of St. Peter,” said Father Hellyer, “we had no idea of what our future  income might be or where it would come from.

‘The Lord Will Provide’

“We knew we could survive on our  savings for a while if we cut out luxuries and non-essentials,” Father Hellyer  said of the transitional period before he was ordained a Catholic priest. “Then,  too, the Catholic members of our extended family rallied around, deciding they  had to support us in our step of faith. Also, lots of different people sent us  gifts, which we never expected.

“We also had the assurance of the words that the Holy Father had said to  Msgr. Keith Newton [ordinary of Our Lady of Walsingham]. Father Keith asked the  Holy Father how he was to make provision for the priests and their dependents.  The Holy Father replied, ‘The Lord will provide.’ So it was an act of faith to believe that, if we were doing God’s will, he would provide for us.”

There is more here.

These are weighty matters indeed…