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I love coffee. Very much. You can take a lot of things away from me, but coffee is not one of them! So earlier today I bought a 750 gram tin of Nescafé Ricoffy from a Pick n Pay store for R 54.99 ($ 7.60 / £ 4.77)

Getting home and wanting to finish off my preparations for Sunday Mass, a cup was is order. So you can imagine my total surprise when I opened up the tin and saw just how much coffee was actually missing:

Now I wasn’t expecting it to be full, but not that much gone either. I have no scale handy, but if I was to measure the granules, there is just no way that this is 750 g. It is the emptiest just opened tin that I have ever seen – and plenty I have been through before.

Look, I know that we have all fallen on hard times, but this is just plain ridiculous. Look at the tin (above)! Come on. And unlike the bottles of coffee, you cannot see inside the tin before you get home and open the thing.

Oh well, perhaps it’s simply time to change my brand…