Archbishop John Hepworth Still Hopeful of Papal Nod

That despite some baying for his head. The Australian reports:

The head of the Traditional Anglican Communion, John Hepworth, is hoping a reunion between his church and the Pope will be ratified within weeks despite concerns his abuse complaints could hinder the process.

Archbishop Hepworth, who raised allegations in The Weekend Australian three weeks ago that he had been raped repeatedly by three Catholic priests more than 40 years ago, said yesterday he hoped his personal reconciliation with the Catholic Church would not have any impact on the unity.

The Catholic Church’s leader in South Australia, Archbishop Philip Wilson, will visit Rome early next month to attend the annual Ad Limina meeting of bishops with the Pope.

Archbishop Hepworth’s group, which splintered from the Anglican Church and wants to unite with the Catholic Church, has 400,000 members. “I think it will be a very successful resolution in the new year,” he said.


Archbishop John Hepworth (Traditional Anglican Communion Primate) Urged to Resign

As reported on VirtueOnline:

Anglican Church in America (ACA) House of Clergy meeting at Our Lady of the Snows have urged their Archbishop John Hepworth to resign as Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion saying that recent revelations in Australia make it impossible for him to continue as their leader.

“It is increasingly obvious to us and those for whom we are pastorally responsible that recent developments have made it impossible for you to continue to function effectively as Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, and that the responsibilities of that office add immeasurably to the personal stress inevitable in your personal situation.”

The ACA is the North American branch of the Traditional Anglican Communion.

“There is an urgent need for focused leadership of the TAC at this critical time in the life of the church. For the good of the church and your family, as well as for your own emotional, physical, and spiritual health, we prayerfully urge you to consider submitting your resignation as Primate forthwith.

“Because we are convinced that resolution of this matter is urgent for all parties concerned, we respectfully request a prompt response, and we await your reply.

“Our prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.”

More than three quarters of the ACA House of Bishops in North America have rejected the Ordinariate, (Anglicanum Coetibus) an offer by the Pope for traditionalist Anglicans seeking unity with the Roman Catholic Church.

In other news, The Anglican Church of Southern Africa (Traditional Rite) announced that it would not apply for an Ordinariate, neither does The Anglican Church of India…

A Church divided. Squabbling and doing absolutely no justice to words such as these:

… that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.

– St John 17:21

UPDATE:  Archbishop John Hepworth rejects call to resign.


‘Brainwashed Slave’ Suing Opus Dei

The Daily Mail:

Two members of the mysterious Catholic cult featured in film The Da Vinci Code, will go on trial today accused of holding a woman hostage as a ‘brainwashed slave’ for 16 years.

Catherine Tessier, 40, claims she was forced to work 100-hours-a-week for no wages by leaders of the Opus Dei society made famous in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel.

The woman maintains she was held captive by the ultra pious group – which is funded by the Vatican – after her parents sent her on a live-in catering course in north-east France.

But unknown to her, the so-called University and Technical Culture Association boarding school was thought to be a hotbed of right-wing belief run by Opus Dei.

Ms Tessier, now 40, is set to tell the court in Paris how she was treated as a ‘virtual slave’ after joining the college in 1985 at the age of 14. Instead of being taught catering skills, she claims she was made to work as a domestic servant for college staff.

She was allegedly made to take religious vows, followed by staff at all times, locked in her room at night and given mind-numbing sedatives…

‘They compelled me to take vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. I was then made to work 14-hour days, seven days a week, cleaning and serving.

‘The staff paid me a salary and then reclaimed money by making me sign blank cheques supposedly to pay my room and board.

‘Staff accompanied me everywhere, including on visits to the doctor when I was prescribed tranquilisers that left me senseless,’ she added…

Lawyers first took legal action that year alleging ‘mental manipulation’ and other charges, but the case had been delayed by years of legal wrangling with Opus Dei.

The Rome-based society with 90,000 members around the world has denied it ran the catering school.

It said in a statement: ‘We are not involved in the charges being brought and have nothing to be guilty about.’…

The woman is now suing Opus Dei for damages in the country’s first ever trial directly targeting the organisation, which claims not to be secretive but refuses to ever give names of its members.

The whole thing is here.


The English Catholic Blog Suspended

The English Catholic blog, which was written by Fr Anthony Chadwick as ‘A different approach to English Christian patrimony’, has been archived or suspended forthwith by WordPress for a violation of their Terms of Service.

Previously, he contributed over at The Anglo-Catholic blog before a ‘firing’ over there:

… One of the former bloggers of the Former Anglican, as we call it, has gone from being a contributor to the dishonestly named Anglo-Catholic, to being the webmiester of a dubiously named English Catholic blog, posted in France by Fr. Anthony Chadwick (whose TAC congregation in that country must hold a record, not unlike the record height of the word’s tallest midget)…

In a letter written and sent via email to his faithful readers, Chadwick writes:

“The Moderator’s [Campbell] explanation of my ‘firing’ was this:

‘You really ought to have checked with me before your last post (which I have been forced to remove). +Hepworth is leading you down the primrose path; if you would like to speak about the situation, I would be happy to explain. Please feel free to give me a call.’…

So I suppose it’s: Goodbye (yet again).

By the way, he still has a website up here if you’re interested.

UPDATE:  I see that the blog, English Catholic, is up and running again:

This English Catholic blog has been restored. It was my fault. I violated terms and the offending elements have been removed.

I need a break, other than sending important news.

Thank you for your understanding and prayers.

Fr Anthony


Jesus: An All Black (New Zealand) Rugby Player

KIWI ICON: Dean Frank Nelson  with the portrait of Jesus as an All Black. Fox Sports reports on some more Anglican inanity:

If there was ever any doubt that Kiwis give God-like status to their rugby stars, it has been confirmed by a cathedral dean in Wellington displaying a painting of Jesus as an All Black.

The artwork of Jesus as an All Black is on display at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul where the Very Rev Frank Nelson is proud that it stirs discussion and stimulates prayer.

“We often call New Zealanders ‘God’s own’ so it would be completely logical that if Jesus did come back he would be an All Black,” Rev Nelson told Wellington’s Dominion Post newspaper.
“It’s designed as an aid to prayer so the idea is that it engages your attention but then takes you beyond the painting to God.”

The image has already shocked some Kiwis but Rev Nelson hopes it brings a smile to faces during the Rugby World Cup…

The painting is the work of artist Don Little, who painted it with a smile on his face.
“It’s a tongue-in-cheek way of saying well, here we go, our icon is football. We pay more attention to rugby than most things, don’t we?”

What position would Jesus play?

“He’d have to be a scrumhalf. He’s the one that puts the ball in, definitely,” Rev Nelson said.

Some say it could offend. Of course it does. Tasteless!

… The icon-style image of Jesus as a New Zealand rugby great is now proudly on display at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, featuring Christ in the famous black jersey.

“Central to Christian belief is the fact that God became a human being, he became a man,” cathedral dean the Very Rev Frank Nelson said.

“We often call New Zealanders God’s own, so it would be completely logical that if Jesus did come back he would be an All Black.

“It’s painted in the very traditional Orthodox Christian style of painting, designed as an aid to prayer, so the idea is that it engages your attention but then takes you beyond the painting to God.”

While the painting had shocked some people, Nelson said it had set him thinking about the very real possibility of Jesus being reborn.

“I think you could be offended by it, I think you could be angered by it, I think it could bring a smile to some faces. My response is to just think about it.”

About what?! It’s completely irreverent and totally unnecessary.