Go to Jail or Go to Church

Judge gives criminals a choice: Go to jail or go to Church:

A small-town judge in Alabama is giving non-violent offenders a choice at sentencing: Go to jail or go to church.

Under a program dubbed “Operation Restore Our Community,” the city judge in Bay Minette lets misdemeanor offenders serve time and pay a fine or go to church every Sunday for a year, according to

If offenders choose church, they can pick the place of worship as long as they check in weekly with the pastor and police. After a year of Sundays in the pew, the offender’s case will be dismissed.

Bay Minette Police Chief Mike Rowland says the program could change the lives of people heading down the wrong path. So far, 56 churches are participating. Rowland said the program is Constitutional because offenders get to choose between jail and church

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Confessing the Trinity

Via the Irishanglican’s weblog:

“Unless we begun with God-as-God-toward-us and think first of all in forms of God in relation to us and we in relation to God, we shall miss the biblical emphasis upon the Holy Trinity. Christians are baptized into “the Name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” and they know the Father through the Son and in and by the Holy Spirit, even as they look to the Father through the Son and in and by the Holy Spirit. They are led to adore the Holy Trinity and contemplate the relations between the Three Persons only because the Father has graciously called them through the Son and in and by the Spirit. The natural way for the ontological Trinity to enter Christian experience is through contemplation.” (Peter Toon, Our Triune God, etc. page 234)


Canada Hit!

Remember the falling satellite? Well, Nasa has confirmed that debris the from six-ton satellite crashed back to Earth mostly in Canada. The Telegraph reports:

The American space agency said decommissioned Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite fell back to Earth between 11.23pm and 1.09am on Saturday morning (3.23am GMT to 5.09am GMT).

Tracking of the satellite, which broke up during its re-entry through the atmosphere, showed it was passing eastwards over Canada and areas of open ocean.

Nasa said it was still trying to determine the precise re-entry time and location. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter suggested some of the debris may have fallen near a town south of Calgary in western Canada…

Most of the satellite was expected to have burned up during re-entry but 26 fragments weighing up to half a tonne in total are expected to hit the Earth’s surface.

Officials said the risk to the public from the satellite was very remote…

Mark Matney, an orbital debris scientist at Nasa, said: “In the entire 50 plus year history of the space program, no person has ever been injured by a piece of re-entering space debris.

“Keep in mind we have bits of debris re-entering the atmosphere every single day.” The US Department of Defence and Nasa were tracking the debris. The US Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice to pilots and flight crews of the potential hazard, and urged them to report any falling space debris and take note of its position and time…

The surviving chunks of the UARS satellite are likely to include titanium fuel tanks, beryllium housing and stainless steel batteries and wheel rims.

Nasa added: “Pieces of UARS landing on Earth will not be very hot. Heating stops 20 miles up, and it cools after that.” Any surviving wreckage belongs to Nasa, and it is against the law to keep or sell even the smallest piece.

There space said sharp edges could be dangerous and warned people not to pick up pieces if they find them, urging them to contact local law enforcement authorities instead.

Canadians: For goodness sake, just leave the stuff alone! Heaven forbid you may just cut yourselves, or worse, catch some sort of weird space alien sickness. Dialing 911 (you have 911 don’t you?) on your telephone is the fastest way you will get help when confronted with this dangerous, fallen space litter!



America’s Common Sense Bishop

After 40 years of “Postconciliar Bishops” (churchspeak for local CEO’s) the Catholic Church in America is showing signs of a new pulse. One of the brightest (and most courageous) of this new breed of bishops is Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

The smoke has hardly cleared from the announcement that altar girls would no longer serve at the Phoenix cathedral, and he has pronounced yet another move towards restoring sanity.

The diocese is restricting the reception of Communion under both kinds to special occasions, and restricting the role of Extraordinary ministers, noting:

“In normal circumstances, only priests and deacons are to distribute Holy Communion. When both forms of Communion are used frequently, ‘extraordinary’ ministers of Holy Communion are disproportionately multiplied.”

Of course, we can be certain that the usual liberal suspects will be crying out in reaction:

“He is forcing us to return to the past!”

“This is unfair!”




Just as no one has a “right” to be a priest, or an altar boy (that’s “altar server” for the indoctrinated), no lay person has a “right” to distribute Holy Communion. (In fact, we don’t even have the right to touch It with our hands…

The priesthood has been emasculated.  Many parishes bring in “rent-a-priests” to say Mass every Sunday, then go on about the business of running their enterprise under the control of the parish lay administrator, who is, in most cases, a woman. Besides, the laity does not need to receive under both kinds to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  It has always been the teaching of the Church that the Body and Blood of Christ are both present in the Host.

So cry, and yell and scream liberal Catholics.  The game is ending, bit by bit and you cannot stop the return of tradition…

You can read the whole piece here. Tradition gaining ground.

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