iPhone 4S: Do I Really Need This?


Expecting a giant leap forward, fans of Apple Inc. have had to settle for one small step. Shares of the world’s most valuable technology company fell as much as 5% in Tuesday afternoon trading on the Nasdaq after chief executive Tim Cook unveiled an updated version of the 15 month-old iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S. The stock had mostly recovered by market close and was  down 0.56% for the day.

Not going for an iPhone 5 seems to be a big mistake on the part of Apple!



Social Media on the Rise for Weddings

Social media getting out of control:

New York: As her grandfather sat pleasantly perplexed at her wedding, Lauren Barnes reached into the recesses of her strapless white gown, whipped out her iPhone and accepted her groom’s Facebook relationship change to “married.”

“Nothing’s official,” she said, “until it’s Facebook official!”

In today’s $78-billion-a-year business of getting married in the United States, those wacky viral videos of whole wedding parties dancing down the aisle seem positively 2009. Social media, mobile tools and online vendors are abundant to offer the happy couple extra fun, savings and convenience, though most of the nation’s betrothed aren’t ready to completely let go of tradition.

Some send out video save-the-dates, include high-speed scannable “QR” barcodes on invitations, live-stream their ceremonies for far-flung loved ones to watch online, and open their party playlists to let friends and families help choose the tunes.

They invite guests to live tweet the big day using special Twitter keywords, called hashtags, and create interactive seating charts so tablemates can chat online ahead of time.

One couple featured a “guest of the week” on their wedding blog. Another ordered up a cake with an iPad embedded at the base to stream photos at the reception. A third Skyped in a “virtual bridesmaid” who couldn’t make it, so she was walked down the aisle by a groomsman via iPad…

There’s more, with examples,  here.