Presbyterian Church Ordains First Openly Gay Minister

Not even Calvinism could withstand:

Sun Prairie, Wis. – More than two decades after Scott Anderson told his California congregation that he was gay and therefore must resign as its pastor, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) is preparing to welcome him back with mostly open arms.

Anderson will be ordained Saturday in his new home of Madison, Wis., as the denomination’s first openly gay minister, marking the latest mainline Protestant church to move toward accepting homosexual relationships.

During a recent interview, Anderson, 56, recalled being in the closet from 1983 to 1990 while serving as a minister in Sacramento. He told the congregation the truth and resigned as pastor after a couple learned he was gay and tried to use the information against him.

“That was really the best and worst moment of my life,” Anderson said. “It was the best because I was able to claim for the first time who I was as a gay man. That was incredibly empowering. But there was also the sadness, the grief of leaving the ministry and what I loved.”

Saturday’s ordination at Covenant Presbyterian Church was made possible by decades of debate over whether openly gay people should be allowed to serve in the church. The church constitution used to include language requiring that clergy live “in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness.”

The Presbyterian national assembly last year endorsed removing that rule…

“The Episcopalians, the Lutherans, the United Church of Christ have all made this step…




4 thoughts on “Presbyterian Church Ordains First Openly Gay Minister

    1. I happen to be an elder in the PC(USA) and am no homophobe. But this decision was to much to bear. This was my church home, where I was baptised, where my little girl was baptised, where my family worships. I love everyone there and I don’t care if they are gay or not, but to change to support unrepentant lifestyles?! I am now a man without a church but my faith is in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for the PC(USA) that they will come back to God and abandon the way of sin.

  1. We must be in the “latter days” or soon will be. When the article mentions that The Lutherans have made this step, they must be talking about Lutheran Churches in the ELCA ; Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. They are as Liberal as Liberal can get. I can’t imagine the Wisconsin Synod Lutherans or the Missouri synod Lutherans agreeing to marry same gender couples.

    1. I have gotten to preach a few times at MS Lutheran Churches. But certainly the American WS are very conservative. I have a few conservative Lutheran pastor friends, both American and British. But I have noted some of the MS Churches are not always on par? Near us here, there is a Lutheran Church that has left the MS, and is just independent now. Sign of the time I suppose.

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