Does Richard Dawkins Exist?

Something is afoot in Oxford. The Christians are fighting back. To herald the ‘Reasonable Faith Tour‘ with William Lane Craig, Oxford’s buses are carrying the slogan: There’s Probably No Dawkins. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Oct 25th at the Sheldonian Theatre.

The advertising campaign follows Richard Dawkins’ refusal to debate the existence of God with philosopher William Lane Craig as he visits the UK this month. He has an open invitation to debate Professor Craig at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre on 25th October. The Oxford bus campaign echoes the 2009 London atheist bus advertisements: ‘There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your  Life.’

William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, California and is arguably the world’s foremost defender of historic Christianity. Widely respected among academic philosophers, he has debated with many leading atheists across the world, including Peter Atkins, Daniel Dennett, Anthony Flew, AC Grayling, Christopher Hitchens, Lewis Wolpert and most recently, Sam Harris.

Harris has described Professor Craig as ‘the one Christian apologist who has put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists’.

Dr Dawkins’ refusal to debate Professor Craig led fellow Oxford academic Dr Daniel Came, who is an atheist himself, to write to Dr  Dawkins stating that ‘the absence of a debate with the foremost apologist for Christian theism is a glaring omission on your CV and is of course apt to be interpreted as cowardice on your part’.

Meanwhile, on his website, Dr Dawkins has branded Professor Craig a ‘ponderous buffoon’ who uses logic to ‘bamboozle his faith-head audience’, but has failed to respond to any of Professor Craig’s academic arguments criticising his book The God  Delusion

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Robert Mugabe Wants to Quiz Archbishop Rowan Williams on Homosexuality

AFP reports:

Harare — Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe wants the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to explain the Anglican church’s stance on homosexuality and the western sanctions on him and his allies, a spokesman said on Sunday.

Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, is due to lead a communion service in a Harare stadium on Sunday, as part of his three-nation African tour.

Williams may not be allowed into any Anglican facilities in Zimbabwe, after a breakaway bishop aligned with Mugabe seized all of the church’s property.

For weeks Williams has sought a meeting with Mugabe to discuss the split, which has degenerated into violence as supporters of excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga chased Anglican faithful out of churches, schools and orphanages.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba did not say if the two men would meet, but told the state-run Sunday Mail newspaper that if they did speak, the 87-year-old president would challenge Williams about gays and sanctions.

“Fundamentally, he would want to know why the church of the British state, the Anglican Church, has remained so loudly silent while the people of Zimbabwe, and these people include Anglicans, are suffering from the illegal sanctions,” Charamba said.

“The second issue that the president wants this man of God to clarify is why his Anglican Church thinks homosexuality is good for us and why it should be prescribed for us.

“He thinks the Archbishop will be polite enough to point to him that portion of the Great Book (that) sanctions homosexuality and sanctions sanctions”…

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I for one would love to hear how Archbishop Rowan Williams would respond. And he may as well get his answer straight now, for I fear that one day, One far greater than the Zimbabwean President, will demand an answer from the Church leader too…



Taking Back the UK

With a Rosary Crusade. This is great!

There is a slideshow of photographs of the Rosary Crusade of Reparation, this year it was led by Mgr Keith Newton of Ordinariate. I can see many friends and even a few parishioners.

This years procession seems bigger than ever.

I am impressed: this week the Ordinariate was on the streets walking between Westminster Cathedral and the Oratory, last week it was a Blessed Sacrament procession between he Cathedrals of Westminster and Southwark. I am not sure processions are part of Anglican Patrimony per se but daring to bring Christ onto the streets and into the public forum definitely is.

Remember the Ordinariate needs help with shoe leather.

Mgr Keith Newton led the Rosary Crusade from Westminster Cathedral to the London Oratory. Some two thousand people took part, led by Mgr Newton, the Knights of Malta and the Little Brothers of the Oratory. As well as hymns to
Our Lady, three decades of the Rosary were prayed and on arrival at the Oratory, the Pilgrims consecrated themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mgr Newton preached to a packed Oratory mentioning that it would be Blessed John Henry Newman’s feast day on Sunday (if it were not Sunday) and of his and Father Faber’s devotion to Our Lady, not because of what she had done, but because of what God had done in and through her. After Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Mgr Newton led everyone in the Salve Regina.


Source:  Fr Ray Blake’s Blog