Mark Driscoll’s god Hates you

Even the Sunday school kids will tell you that God hates sin, not the sinner.  This is just totally sickening:

Mark Driscoll:

Some of you, God hates you. Some of you, God is sick of you. God is frustrated with you. God is wearied by you. God has suffered long enough with you. He doesn’t think you’re cute. He doesn’t think it’s funny. He doesn’t think your excuse is “meritous”. He doesn’t care if you compare yourself to someone worse than you, He hates them too. God hates, right now, personally, objectively hates some of you.

The inspired word of God:

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8 NAU)

Source:  Unsettled Christianity (where there is a video too).

But then again, I suppose too much Calvinism will do this to you.



‘Jesus Ween’

Christian group promotes godly alternative to Halloween:

It’s got costumes, it’s got candy, but for some, what Halloween appears to be lacking is Christianity.

To combat this apparent imbalance, one Christian group is promoting what it calls ‘Jesus Ween’, a faith-based alternative to the holiday.

The group’s website says: “We are focused on helping people live a better life… Throughout the year and especially from October 31st till November 15th we hold several seminars on various helpful topics.”

Jesus Ween participants are expected to hand out Bibles and other Christian gifts in “a friendly way”, according to a promotional video. Instead of costumes, participants are supposed to wear white, to symbolize righteousness.

Gawker spoke to the event’s creator, a Pastor Paul Ade, who runs a congregation in Calgary. He described the motivation behind

“Halloween is not consistent with the Christian faith. Many people say they feel uncomfortable on that day. We think people should choose an alternative activity.”

The group’s Facebook page also makes similarly lofty predictions of success, stating that the day “is expected to become the most effective Christian outreach day ever.”…

‘Jesus Ween’?! What’s next?



iParent: Steve Jobs

Steve Job said: Having Children is 10,000 times better than anything he’d ever done.

Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene

Which would you rather have in your lap right now: a baby or a new iPad? If the answer is ‘iPad’ then you need to keep reading.

There are likely hundreds of CEOs and thousands of people in the world who wish they could be “as innovative and successful as Steve Jobs.” In the days following the death of the Apple genius, a story caught my eye about his perspective on father in the shadow of death.

Dean Ornish, quoted in the New York Times, said of Steve Jobs: “I once asked him if he was glad that he had kids, and he said, ‘It’s 10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done.'”

To better appreciate this, let’s just take a quick look at some things that Steve Jobs did:

  • Macintosh (including the computer “mouse” and the “windows” style operating system – My family had a Mac IIsi when I was middle school – I was the only kid printing out pretty book reports – my English teacher always admired my fonts)
  •  iPods (do you remember the first time that you saw one?)
  •  iPhones (with touch screens)
  •  iPad (with touch screens)
  •  iTunes (the popularization of mp3s and podcasts)
  •  Apple Store
  •  Apps (yes “apps” is now an English word)
  •  Pixar Studies (Toy Story, Cars, etc.)
  •  a billionaire at least 6 times over

What a list. Yet Steve Jobs says that having children is for him “10,000 times better” than all these accomplishments combined. He had one child in his early 20s out of wedlock and later three more children with his wife.

As a father of six, I also know that having children is a blessing and a test. There is nothing so difficult and nothing so rewarding. You probably have not heard this Jobs quote because it is precisely what America and the West don’t want to hear. Having a family is more rewarding and a greater accomplishment than anything that even the best inventor/CEO/billionaire can accomplish.

Jobs’ epiphany reflects Odysseus’ decision at the end of Plato’s Republic. Happiness is not found in being famous, royal, or rich. The wise man, like Odysseus, knows that contentment is found in being a simple man with a simple life. Death is the app through which we can see what is most important: being a spouse, parent, and friend.

“Behold the inheritance of the Lord are children: the reward, the fruit of the womb.” (Psalm 126:3, D-R)


On Reading the Whole Bible

A note to Biblical academics:

I am always astonished to discover that there are some biblical academics who will admit that they have never actually read all of the Bible. Yet, it is often these very same academicians who harp on the absolute necessity of knowing the original languages. Don’t get me wrong. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to learn Hebrew and Greek. But for me and my house, if I had to choose between knowing the biblical languages or reading the whole counsel of Scripture in translation, the latter would be my choice hands down. Similarly, I am perplexed that there are some within the academy who have failed to read the entirety of the Scriptures and yet trumpet the importance of primary sources when it comes to biblical studies. Do they not realize that the Scriptures are the ultimate primary source? Can one really rightly claim to be a biblical scholar who has read all of the Gilgamesh Epic, Philo, or the Apostolic Fathers and yet have pages in their Bibles which have never passed in front of their eyes? I am stunned by those who can claim to keep up with their disciplines (e.g., NT, OT, the Prophets, Paul, etc.) because they read the most influential journals and the seminal monographs and yet cannot recall the last time that they have read some of the books of Scripture.

Ad fontes—back to the Bible.



A TV Advert that Talks to your Dog!

If you already think your pet is a fussy eater, be prepared for an even pickier pooch as pet food makers have launched a TV ad only dogs can hear.

Nestle has made an advert using a high-pitched sound, like a dog whistle, which is beyond human hearing range.

The commercial, which also includes an audible squeak like the sound of a dogs’ toy, will be screened for the first time in Austria this week.

Nestle said in a statement that the idea came from an award-winning campaign in Germany that featured ‘sniffable’ posters to attract dogs.

The company is one of the world’s biggest makers of pet food, with its Petcare division accounting for almost 12 per cent of the firm’s revenue.

The 23-second advert Beneful dog food was created using the help of U.S. experts in pet behaviour, who researched what would appeal to dogs.

‘The television commercial aims to reach both the pet and the owner, supporting the special one-to-one relationship between them,’ said Xavier Perez, brand manager for Beneful in Europe.

The advert shows a dogs pricking up its ears and ends with the words ‘So delicious, so healthy, so happy’ in German.

Georg Sanders, a nutrition expert at Nestle Purina PetCare in Germany, said: ‘Dogs’ hearing is twice as sharp as humans. ‘They can pick up frequencies which are beyond our range and they are better at differentiating sounds.’

Nestle’s Petcare division have this year reported first-half sales of £3.4billion.




Coptic Protest and Massacre in Cairo

Absolutely horrific! [Warning: Graphic Images on Link]

Several people have died in clashes between Coptic Christians and Egyptian security forces, in the worst sectarian violence since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February.

The health health ministry said a total of 174 people were injured in violence during a Coptic Christian protest in central Cairo on Sunday, which saw a curfew imposed on the centre of the capital, said official statements broadcast on public television.



There is more on the carnage here (and again, they are not for sensitive viewers).

Pray, pray, pray for these persecuted brethren!



First Episcopal Church in the USA Converts under Ordinariate

Thanks be to God! The Ordinariate comes to America. And yet so many said it never would…

It finally happened.  Details:

The Rev. Mark Lewis awoke early on the last morning of his life  as an Anglican priest and dressed in a suit and tie instead of his usual  priestly regalia. That’s different, he thought, for the first of many  times on a day when so much was different for St. Luke’s, the small  Episcopal church in Maryland where Lewis had been rector since 2006.

On Sunday — with Lewis wearing lay clothing and sitting with  St. Luke’s parishioners inside the Crypt Church at Washington’s Basilica  of the National Shine of the Immaculate Conception — most of the parish  from Bladensburg converted to Catholicism.

In doing so, St. Luke’s became the first Episcopal church in the  United States to convert under new Vatican rules meant to attract  curious Protestants.

“This truly is a historic moment,” said  Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl, the archbishop of the Roman Catholic  Archdiocese of Washington, who led Sunday’s conversion Mass, which he  called “a joyful moment of completion.”

Fifty-eight of St. Luke’s  roughly 100 parishioners were confirmed at the applause-filled Mass,  during which they were anointed by Wuerl — one by one, old and young,  white and black.

Osita Okafor, a 56-year-old Nigerian immigrant,  found himself first in line before Wuerl for the rite of reception. His  reaction? “Oh, my God, I must be blessed.”

Read more.

Many more are sure to follow.


On the above writes Fr Christopher Phillips: They’re home!

Also see Catholic Online here with a comprehensive report on the event.