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Anglicans to Help Train Pentecostals in South Africa

Anglicans to help train Pentecostals: The convergence of Anglican and Pentecostal Churches in South Africa… will seek to bring the best of the DNA of the churches to resource each other. DNA?! Oh yeah… Rest here. HT:  Virtue Online  

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Occupy the Greek Orthodox Church

Having mentioned that the occupy movement is coming to South Africa [sigh], I see that there is another new idea out: Occupy the Greek Orthodox Church. As the debate about IMF- and EU-imposed austerity measures and the possibility of a Greek … Continue reading

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Occupy South Africa is Coming

Tomorrow. Oh dear: The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to have defied many of its early critics, with tens of thousands of people still supporting those camped out at New York’s financial centre and the heart of US capitalism a … Continue reading

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