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Largest Mosaic Discovered in Antioch

BiblePlaces.com: The largest mosaic discovered to date in Turkey has been unearthed in the ancient city of Antioch. The mosaic measures 9,150 square feet (850 sq m) and will be preserved within the hotel being constructed on the site. Antioch, … Continue reading

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On Having to Remind Priests to Bring Bibles to Clergy Conferences

Should Clergy not always have their Bibles near?! This is the email recently sent out to all priests in the Diocese of Louisiana from Bishop Morris Thompson, Jr: Good morning, Brothers and Sisters: The agenda for our upcoming College of Presbyters … Continue reading

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Want to Buy an Anglican Church?

Any one of seven in Canada: The Anglican Church is selling seven church properties on southern Vancouver  Island to pay down its deficit. “It’s been an extremely hard decision,” Chris Pease, asset manager for the  Diocese of British Columbia, said Monday. … Continue reading

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If TV News Existed in 1200 BC

Okay, time for something more light-hearted: If TV News Existed in 1200 BC

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Freeing Gilad Shalit Shows Israel’s Humanity – and Hamas’s Blood-Chilling Cruelty

His kidnapping five years ago has done the Palestinian cause no favours. The Catholic Herald: So, as I write this Gilad Shalit is on his way to freedom and a reunion with his family. The matter is being covered by … Continue reading

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