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Mughrabi Bridge Demolition Delayed

Jordan, Egypt warned Israel taking down bridge that connects Western Wall, Temple Mount may spark regional protests.

Anything for a good protest in Jordan and Egypt…

In any event, The Jerusalem Post reports:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday delayed plans at the last minute to  start rebuilding the Mughrabi Bridge linking the Western Wall Plaza to the  Temple Mount because of Egyptian and Jordanian concerns, Channel 2 reported  Sunday.

According to the report, work on the bridge – which received approval in March – was to have begun early Sunday morning. The initial work of  demolishing the existing structure would have necessitated the deployment of  large IDF and security forces in Jerusalem and around the Temple Mount, as well  as stepped-up army preparedness in the West Bank.

Channel 2 reported  Cairo and Amman warned Jerusalem the work would likely lead to “disruptions” in  both Jordan and Egypt.

Officials in both the Prime Minister’s Office and  the Jerusalem Municipality refused Sunday night to comment on the  reports.

Previous work on the bridge caused widespread rioting in  neighborhoods throughout the Jerusalem area and in Jordan.

Jordan’s Awkaf  Islamic Affairs and Holy Places Ministry warned that were Israel to begin to  take down the Mughrabi Bridge, the move would likely ignite protests throughout  Jordan, which could eventually spread to the West Bank, according to the Channel  2 report.

Under the plans, a permanent bridge is to be built to replace  the current temporary wooden structure that has been in use since a 2003  earthquake and winter storm caused part of the original bridge to collapse. The  bridge is used as the main entry point for non-Muslim tourists and security  forces entering the Temple Mount.



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