‘Exploding’ iPhones? I’ll Stick With BlackBerry…

Red hot smoking iPhone self-combusts on airliner:

An Apple iPhone 4 was glowing red hot and emitted a “significant amount” of  dense smoke as it spontaneously combusted on board a flight in Australia in the  second reported incident of its kind in the past month…

The incident involving a passenger’s iPhone 4 glowing red hot occurred on board  Regional Express flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney last Friday after  landing, the airline reported…

In a statement regarding the first incident, Regional Express said a flight attendant carried out  “recovery actions” immediately and that the red glow was extinguished  successfully, adding that the matter has been reported to the Australian  Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) as well as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority  (CASA) for investigation and directions. All passengers and crew on board were  unharmed, the airline said….

Read more here.

Gosh, just look at the thing! Imagine it in your pocket at the time?! Nah, Apple is way overrated. BlackBerry (outages and all) would seem to be a safer option thank you.



One thought on “‘Exploding’ iPhones? I’ll Stick With BlackBerry…

  1. Whaaaat??!! Did that really happen?!

    Wow…I’m shopping for a new phone and was leaning towards the iPhone 4. I’m having second thoughts now…I’m pretty sure that catching on fire is not on my “Wants” list… 😉

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