Receiving Anglicanism

Writes Fr Dwight Longenecker (himself a former Anglican):

On Sunday the Anglican Ordinariate for the United States will be formally announced. As we prepare to receive our Anglican brothers and sisters in this historic step towards church unity, what will the Anglicans be receiving from their step of faith into full communion, and what will we be receiving from them? Here’s my list — twenty five things in no particular order…What Anglicans will receive from entering into full communion with the Catholic Church:

  1. Ecclesial unity with the Bishop of Rome – The Pope!
  2. Communion with over a billion Catholics worldwide
  3. Validity of orders and sacraments
  4. Marian apparitions
  5. Evelyn Waugh, G.K.Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, Hilaire Belloc
  6. Unity rather than schism
  7. The truth about Henry VIII
  8. Peace rather than continual strife
  9. Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Divine Mercy
  10. Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Ireland, Bavaria, Austria.
  11. New understanding and sharing in Catholic spirituality
  12. Chartres, Mont St Michel, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur
  13. Belonging to a church that transcends culture and class
  14. Relics
  15. Solidarity with Catholic bishops and clergy
  16. The Sistine Chapel
  17. New relationship with global Christianity
  18. The Infant of Prague
  19. Santiago de Compostella
  20. Holy Cards
  21. Communion with all the Catholic saints
  22. Michaelangelo, Raphael, Carravagio, Leonardo da Vinci
  23. A new understanding of English history
  24. A final authority
  25. Cohesive and comprehensive doctrinal and moral teaching

What Roman Catholics will receive from Anglicans who are entering into full communion through the Ordinariate:

  1. An appreciation of English language, culture and history
  2. The English choral tradition
  3. Wesley’s hymns
  4. Ad orientem celebration of the Mass
  5. The General Thanksgiving
  6. George Herbert
  7. Preaching tabs, academic hood and preaching scarf
  8. Choral Evensong
  9. The Coverdale Psalter
  10. T.S.Eliot and C.S.Lewis
  11. The General Confession
  12. Well educated clergy
  13. Julian of Norwich
  14. Lace and Incense
  15. Our Lady of Walsingham
  16. Needlepoint kneelers
  17. The Caroline Divines
  18. Altar rails
  19. Anglican chant
  20. Charles I – King and Martyr
  21. The Prayer of Humble Access
  22. Nine Lessons and Carols
  23. Altar frontals
  24. John Donne and George Herbert
  25. Tea and biscuits

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