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All of it, gone.

This is noteworthy: Father John Corapi’s Internet presence at sites such as the www.theblacksheepdog.us and http://theblacksheepdog.wordpress.com has vanished, ditto for his presence on YouTube and Facebook. No one I know has any clue what happened to him, but there are several possible scenarios that would explain this. The one I hope is correct is that he has reconciled with the S.O.L.T. order he once was a member of and, more importantly, that he has reconciled with the Catholic Church, from which it certainly seemed he was distancing himself in the wake of all the unpleasantness that erupted last year.

In any case, his abrupt disappearance from the Internet serves as good reminder that we should all continue praying for him, whatever path he may be on.

And I for one am glad, that BlackSheepDog was really evil-looking… May Fr Corapi have found peace, and may he be reconciled with Holy Church.

The blog Te Deum Laudamus makes some further observations.

… Everyone is wondering what is up. Many are hoping that this signals Father Corapi’s return to SOLT (yes, I’m still calling him Father because the Church, to my knowledge, has not stated publicly that he is no longer to be called, “Father” and I prefer to keep in mind that he remains a priest).

Here, I will throw in a few possibilities which are purely speculative, along with my own hopes…