John Corapi’s BlackSheepDog Website Is Gone

All of it, gone.

This is noteworthy: Father John Corapi’s Internet presence at sites such as the and has vanished, ditto for his presence on YouTube and Facebook. No one I know has any clue what happened to him, but there are several possible scenarios that would explain this. The one I hope is correct is that he has reconciled with the S.O.L.T. order he once was a member of and, more importantly, that he has reconciled with the Catholic Church, from which it certainly seemed he was distancing himself in the wake of all the unpleasantness that erupted last year.

In any case, his abrupt disappearance from the Internet serves as good reminder that we should all continue praying for him, whatever path he may be on.

And I for one am glad, that BlackSheepDog was really evil-looking… May Fr Corapi have found peace, and may he be reconciled with Holy Church.

The blog Te Deum Laudamus makes some further observations.

… Everyone is wondering what is up. Many are hoping that this signals Father Corapi’s return to SOLT (yes, I’m still calling him Father because the Church, to my knowledge, has not stated publicly that he is no longer to be called, “Father” and I prefer to keep in mind that he remains a priest).

Here, I will throw in a few possibilities which are purely speculative, along with my own hopes…


188 thoughts on “John Corapi’s BlackSheepDog Website Is Gone

    1. Dear Brothers & Sisters,
      Father Corapi’s materials, were a great teaching tool for 20 years, one of the best preachers of our Catholic Church. His resignation as a priest does not make him less of a great preacher of a sound doctrine. If you have VHS & DVD’s of Father Corapi would you consider putting them on eBay even as a gift. We are many millions who still can appreciate his teachings; no matter weather he has fallen into sin or into temptation. Whoever is is clean of sin, cast the first stone… and as Fr.Corapi used to say: ” Strike the Shepherd , scatter the sheep”. He is certainly not the first priest to leave the Catholic Church because of falling into temptation.. We pray it daily, …”and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…Please reflect on this next time we pray one more Our Father…
      God Bless!

      1. A Man stands tall, goes to confession, and is righteous with The Father again. Of those who are given more (i.e. A Priest) much more is expected. I judge no one. The Father takes care of that. I don’t know of any Priests who called themselves a derrogatory title (The Black Sheepdog) and rode off into the sunset, proclaiming that they would Preach to the Whole World, except one, John Corapi ! And, where is he now ? No Black Sheepdog Website, No World Tour proclaiming The Word. No, only a dark figure in a Black Leather Jacket, cruising off into the sunset on a New Harley Davidson Motorcycle.You see my delemna? I bought the Video (DVD). I didn’t have to judge him. He Judged himself as unfit to go on with the lie (s), and their still coming out in his absence. They say Nature abhores a Vacuum , and, quickly fills the void. There are many ‘Holy’ Priests out there to nourish the faithful with The Word. For my part, I’ll be watching them on EWTN, and when I see one who is a little too charismatic, I will beware, never again to be taken in by an almost too good of a Preacher. Father Corapi is in my daily prayers, and , for now, that’s all we can do.
        P.S.:- No, I won’t sell my DVD of Father Corapi’s Good-By. I still Love The Man!!! God Bless you Father Corapi. Keep in touch, and when the time is right, come back.

      2. Dear Brothers & Sisters,

        .”When St.Francis of Asisi was visitting a certain town, the people began accusing the towns’ priest of sin of living with a woman for many years, what did St. Francis told the people of that town ? Bring me that priest so I may kiss his holy hands, as that priest brings me JESUS IN THE EUCHARIST. That’s all what I care…” (extract from the live St.Francis & the little flowers)

        God Bless!

  1. I was always impressed with Father Corapi whenever I saw one of his teaching video tapes while watching EWTN TV station. I was impressed with how firm and clear he was when talking about The Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In these days of relativistic values and anything goes philosophy being taught and preached in colleges and churches across our country Father John was a bright spot affirming that the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Church are true and absolute.

    1. Father Corapi generated a tremendous amount of wealth for the Catholic Church via EWTN. Up until modern times, high ranking catholic clergy were always wealthy, since the Church was a stabilizing means for medieval society due to the Church’s administrative abilities and legal basis via ecclesiastical law . Why should a priest take a vow of poverty for his entire life especially when he is responsible for contributing to the wealth of the church. The amount of wealth he accumulated was a mere fraction of the amount he contributed to the church. Throughout history, priests have been bestowed with wealth, had unofficial wives, even had children. The only reason they were not allowed to marry was due to inheritance and land rights that were not transferable outside the Church unless one was legally married within the Church. Father Corapi should be reconciled and brought back into the Church. His presence and personality have not been duplicated on EWTN, and probably never will. What is left is a bland comparison to those who try to replace him. He needs to return in order to keep EWTN viable as a relevant communications medium for the Church. I have lost interest in EWTN since he has left…please bring him back!

      1. I too have given up watching EWTN which really leaves a hole in my heart. How they, along with the mother church, could just, over night, sweep him under the carpet as if he never existed. And they call themselves forgiving, God fearing Catholics….I’d dearly like to see the yearly profit/loss sheets for that station before and after he started appearing there.
        Peace be with you, Alan.

      2. Why take it out on EWTN ? They just followed Protocol and their network Policy. If Fr. Corapi had stuck around and faced the music back at S.O.L.T., this matter might have been cleared-up by now. Cut and Run doesn;t set well with a lot of Catholics. I still believe in the man, and I Pray he’s OK, and for a return to Ministry.

      3. I’m sorry…exactly what do you mean by “protocol” and Policy? Two thousand years ago, untold scores of men, women and children died in arenas and on crosses for going against “protocol” and “policy Of course, they didn’t have a “ratings system” then! Can’t afford to lose any of our good, God fearing, high contributing viewers, eh?!

      4. Perhaps you’d gain from reading “Mother Angelica” .The EWTN Network was founded on a shoestring and to this day they have to beg for funds to keep the network on the air.Yes, there have been Big Money contributors who built the Monestary and Shrine, but they are far and few in between, and have asked to remain annonamous. You seem to think it’s all about the money at EWTN. Make a Pilgramage to the Shrine and you’ll come away with a different view altogether.

      5. Number one, Johnny, I have made a pilgramige there, and number two I’ve followed EWTN since it’s inception. As far as money is concerned…what world are you living in? I’ve been a Roman Catholic for 69 years.. and you have the gall to insinuate that it’s not about money? Since the biginnig it’s been about wealth and power….and I will admit that Father probably had a bit more of each then our mother church would condone…maybe they decided it was pay-back time…who can say?!

      6. You are only 2 years my senior, and I too was there from the beginning, and I’ll stand by my previous comment. I’m not going to get into a ‘hissy fit’ about EWTN, of which I have been a supporter. The topic here is “Father Corapi”, who will still be Prayed for, and considered Innocent until proven otherwise.
        Peace be with you.

      7. I was never a frequent visitor to EWTN, but have always respected the program, and have always did enjoy listening to Fr. Corapi whenever I was lucky to enough to see him on the show. However, I recently pulled up another you-tube video that was documented by a Brother Peter Diamond from EWTN, stating that Fr. Corapi was a heiratic, and was listing all the controversial statements that supposedly Fr. Corapi made that went against the Catholic Church. I was appalled….but not at Fr. Corapi, but by the statements made by this Brother Peter Diamond and the controversial subjects that he felt Fr. Corapi made. I can’t quote the exact words…but here is some of the things he mentioned. 1. Fr. Corapi once stated that there were alot of other religions (christian religions)that were good, meaning that being Catholic was not the sole requirement for salvation. According to Brother Peter Diamond, it was a requirement which I believe is Heresy. I go back to many years ago when a Fr. Finton in Massachusetts made a public statement that unless you were Catholic you could not go to Heaven…The Vatican was so outraged that they did not recognize is order of priests that he had founded. Many years later he did retrack his statement and the order is back in the fold of the church. 2. Fr. Corapi supposedly made a statement that ‘maybe it was God who made Homosexuality. Nobody knows the answer why someone becomes gay in their lifetime. ‘ I believe he made this statement because nobody knows why a person is the way they are, and only God knows. But God does allow for these things to happen. This Brother Diamond was adamint against God creating such a horrible creature. 3. Fr. Corapi supposedly does not stand tall against abortion or contraceptives… Well, I am against abortion as well, there are reasons why a good christian would feel desperate enough to have one, and I believe Fr. Corapi knew that. He was not preaching for abortion rights, but rather suggesting that he had his own personal views. There were many other things that this Brother Diamond stated, and because of him, I question EWTN now. I don’t think I will run to the TV to put that program on. Just the fact that he and maybe many others believe that only Catholic can be saved is a heresy!

      8. Don’t believe what you see on YouTube. I know of no Br. Diamond associated with EWTN, and I’m a regular supporter of their programs. You’ve been duped, and this is a regular occurence YouTube. There are people who hate the Church, and what you watched there was most likely a Phony knocking EWTN and The Catholic Church. Don’t you know there’s a persecution going on? Repeating those false things here makes you a spreader of persecution. Don’t do that. I will be praying for you, Fr Corapi, and EWTN. Someday the truth will be made known, and if it is on EWTN, you can be sure it’s the truth!!!

      9. Oh, so now I am a spreader of persecution???? I just want the truth to be told just like everyone else, sweetie! And if there is no Peter Diamond then I was duped…and I would be glad that you cleared that up for me, if there is no Peter Diamond. But am I a spreader of persecution??? HA! That’s a first! And a pretty rash judgement of someone you don’t even know….You should probably follow what you supposedly know about being a Christian.

      10. I am very sorry that you took offense at my comments. Truth is, the spreading of gossip or untruths is called Calumny. You found it necessary to enumerate a line by line description of what you saw on YouTube, whether it be true or false. My response was mild and to the point. Just for clarification, my name is John, not sweetie. Please be prepared to defend what you post on this site. There’s always someone ready to refute that post on factual grounds. I intended no disrespect towards you in my reply, and I apologise if you were offended by my words.
        Be Abundantly Blessed,
        John Z.

      11. Johnnyzee3….I will pray for you as well, when I am praying for Fr. Corapi. Catholics and Christians alike need to stick together with kindess and love, in this world gone mad.

      12. Marilyn – this Brother Peter Diamond of whom you speak is defenitely NOT at all associated with EWTN! I do recall however someone by the name of a ‘Bro. Peter Diamond’ (don’t know if it is the same one) who was clearly an Apostate of the Catholic Church–circulating seditious statements against the Pope and The Vatican with an onslaught of heretical distortions regarding the Faith. EWTN did not take Fr. Corapi’s recordings off-the-air because of any dubious nature of his teachings–Fr, Corapi dotted evey i and crossed every t precisely according to what the Catholic Church teaches. Never-the-less, it is was a very sad day and a great loss to the Faithful when EWTN did indeed drop Fr. Corapi’s ‘luminous preaching’!

      13. Thank you, Margaret, for confirming this. It’s so hard to know today what is real or not…so sad! I, too, thought Fr. Corapi was great in his preaching, and I wish him the best in his life.

  2. Just recieved Father Corapi’s latest DVD, The Black Sheep Dog-crossing the Rubicon. After watching it, I don’t know any more than I did with his last post at the website dated Labor Day 2011. Seems like he’s just dropped out of site, since , even the Website is gone. Last Friday, I ordered the DVD, and now there’s no communication possible. I did save the address and phone number for Santa Cruz Ministries. Maybe I’ll get up enough courage to call there…………one day, if the no. still works???

  3. I called Santa Cruz a few weeks ago to check on my order ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ and did talk to someone but when I asked what has happened to Fr. John and why were all the sites shut down they said they were not allowed to comment. I expressed my love and prayers for him and that was it. Onward I suppose.

  4. God Bless Father Corapi where ever he is and what ever he is doing. I have seen people come to the Catholic Church because of him and we need him back. Much love, concern and support goes out to him.

    1. I agree with everything you said here, and I truly miss his presence on EWTN. He definitely helped to confirm and affirm all of the true teachings of the Catholic Church. The evil one is so present in today’s world, so my prayers continue on a daily basis for him, too.

  5. Father Corapi:

    Wherever you are-know you are still loved!

    We are all just…people—capable of being human -after all.

    Who but Christ was sinless?

    We are no man’s judge–how could we be…with our Savior’s blood still on our hands?

    I pray for you daily—as do many many others. Please know you are loved.

  6. Father, I don’t know what the deal is? But about 3 years ago on your TV Program on EWTN you kept saying PRAY THE ROSARY so, I’ve done just that- daily in my car and before daily Mass for the past 3 years- Is this all in vain? Are you for real?

    1. Bruce, the Rosary is indeed the most powerful prayer, and yes, Fr. Corapi was right in proclaiming it’s power. Some of us who have been fortunate enought to have prayed family Rosaries daily, (back in the 50’s) it is perfect in so many ways, and whether or not Fr. Corapi is for real, the Rosary is! Pray it for your family, loved ones and friends……..every single day. If you haven’t heard the 15 promises attached to the daily recitation of this wonderful prayer, try to find a copy. God Bless you.

  7. I have all of Fr. Corapi’s videos, and so often he spoke of the power of evil and how easily one is targeted by the evil one, namely Lucifer. I still recall his origanal story, which tells of his conversion from the depths of hell in which he had been living. He spoke of the scent of lavender, and how he saw a beautiful woman who would call to him, “Johnny”. I hope and pray that the beautiful woman is still sheltering him with her mantel and calling him back to shepherd the people who are in desperate need of hearing the truth, as only he can proclaim. Fr. Corapi, if you are ever fortunate to read about how much you have meant to us, you will return to those in need of your help in understanding and coping in this morally depraved and indecent society in which we find ourselves living.

      1. Father Corapi,

        Go to Confession as we all must often, make restitution and get back to God’s work. You cannot sherk your calling. God love you.


        George Brenner

  8. Father Corapi:

    Are you listening?

    Do you hear us?

    We want you back. Your heavenly Father and Mother want you back.

    Come back to your flock~~you have still have a lot of work to do.

  9. Reconciled with the Church? I have seen no indication that Fr. Corapi was ever ec-communicated from The Church. Definitely, there was a lesion with S.O.L.T., and a departure from the active Priesthood. After watching the DVD on his Biography, I get the idea that he may still be holled-up with his lifelong friend in Las Vegas. Maybe he just needs some time and space to discern his future. All speculation to be sure. My Faith doesn’t depend on whatever Fr. Corapi does, but, like most folks, He is missed. Perhaps, John Corapi, you’ll favor your following with a kind word now and then, just to let us know that ‘You’ still care!

  10. I truly believe that we who call ourselves “Catholic Christians” need to embrace each other first and foremost in LOVE–the “Love of Christ”! Fr. John Corapi is first and foremost our “brother in Christ” and it is a ‘mandate from Christ to LOVE’, with the heart of our Blessed Mother! Fr. John Corapi has declared his Innocence and that should have been a sufficient and acceptable premise for the Church, most especially his SOLT community, to embrace him in Love and Support, instead of taking on their ‘pharisaical position’ of treating him like a leper. E.W.T.N. has also done grave damage in defaming Fr. John Corapi’s character and dishonoring his name, when once they called him “a friend of the network”. It is all ‘pharisaical legalism’–not Love, and I pray that one day-very soon-Fr. John Corapi will be exonerated and ‘public apologies’ are made to him that have done him great harm and must have caused him great suffering. The devil would not have had the slightest foothold in attempting to destroy Fr. John Corapi if the people in ‘position of power’ did not give him (the devil) the diabolical loopholes–of slander and divisive means–to do so.
    We who are the ‘least-in-the-fold of Christ’s army’ must make up for this and Lift-up Fr. John Corapi in Prayer, Love and Support, through the heart of Mary most holy, to the Most Holy Trinity and be his ‘true SOLT family’!

    1. Amen, Margaret. ‘ couldn’t have said it better myself.

      What is troubling though is Fr. Corapi’s absence, and silence.

      “Quitters never win, and Winners never ‘QUIT’!”

      1. Let’s pray together that Fr. Corapi is not a quitter. Padre Pio wasn’t a quitter, even in the midst of adversity from the church and not being permitted to say Mass in public. Oh, how he suffered, and yet we know the miracles that God has in store for those who humble themselves. I pray that Fr. Corapi follows Padre Pio’s example and becomes a modern day saint. We could sure use one, eh?

      2. John…like Julie has said “Fr. John Corapi is NOT a quitter”; rather he is a ‘fighter’, not a ‘flighter’. I am remembering when Fr. John Corapi was recounting his days in the military and his words of undying zeal when he said “I want to die with my boots on”. And then his more recent statement “I’m not just going to crawl under a rock and die”. I believe Fr. John Corapi has a ‘Soul of Steel’, much like the Saints did/do and that is why the devil is intrepid on destroying him–he is a ‘Gift to the Church’. A GIFT that should NOT be trashed or thrown back into the face of God. We are always praying for ‘new vocations’, but I think if we do not ‘cherish’ the priestly/religious vocations that God gives us, it is [we] who will be impoverished and suffer the dire consequences. Fr. John Corapi’s case is a magnitude of ‘Spiritual proportions’–we are all being ‘tested’ in this silent crucible. May he be Resting/Moving with the Holy Spirit and may Our Blessed Mother wrap him in Her Mantle of Protection and Holy Wisdom!!
        God Bless,

  11. Until we hear from Father Corapi I think we should all not assume anything. We do not know what is going on with him professionally or emotionally. Father does not seem like the type to quit and if he has we should all support him and love him as Jesus taught us.

  12. I have been searching this early a.m. for any word on Fr. Corapi. Yes, I too see the former website is no longer viable. I have often thought of this man these last several months and prayed for him. I do hope he is well and moving in a positive direction concerning the church and his place in it. I still am very saddened that this has all taken place. It leaves a hole in my heart where once his vibrant message sang of hope and joy. May God bless you Fr. John Corapi as you will always be a priest to me.

  13. margaret, I have trouble putting into words how I feel and things I want to say. Your comment was just lovely and so intune with God and how we as Christian Catholics are suppose to be. God Bless you for your words. God Bless Father! I do long for his encouraging words.

  14. Frank H.
    Father you have inspired me to convey some of your messages to the class that I am teaching at the church. I learned a great deal from your homilies and instruction on EWTN. Many Catholics miss you terribly. You have been so instrumental in converting and influencing the faithful. I pray that you will return to do God’s work.

  15. For Father Corapi:

    We were fortunate enough to by numerous DVD’s and CD’s from your website when you had the half-price sale and we thank God now that we had the opportunity to buy these. We want you to remember what you said many times on your DVD’s, when you held up the Bible and said: “we know the last chapter of the book, we win!”. May God be with and bless you!

  16. Fr. Corapi,

    whatever happens “don’t lose hope”!

    I was given the book “Bonhoeffer” (Metaxas, 2011) for Christmas this year. Then, at the end of the year I pulled the Saint for the new year and I pulled the Jesuit “Alfred Friedrich Delp”. Meanwhile, I have read three books (two on the latter) and it is quite amazing the hope those two had in times of great adversity.

    1. In March, it will have been one year since this contraversy became known to the public. Originally, there was a statement from Fr. Corapi to continue to be a presence to his followers, as The Black Sheepdog, and to continue to defend the faith to a “wider audience “. Well, last September was the last time the ‘Blog’ was seen on the internet, and even Santa Cruz will only correspond via mail, and Please, no questions about Fr. Corapi ! I personally feel that John Corapi has ‘flown the coop’, never to be heard from again. I continue to pray for him and SOLT, but I no longer hold to any hope that he will be back, at least, not the way any of us would like him to be.
      “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”. And, I hope I’m wrong !!!

      1. Father Corapi is loved and missed. It is okay if he quit he is allowed and most of us won’t think any less of him. He has already won in many ways. Please don’t put him down.

  17. please remember that Fr. John Corapi was, last we heard, in the process of ‘filing a civil law suit’–against his ‘false accusor’. this can be a drain on his energy, soaking up his time and stifling his creative efforts; a shifing of gears, if you will. and all this with no backing and support from the Church or his ‘religious community’. put yourself in his place; it is like being in “Limbo”–an abode of ….
    If Fr. Corapi ‘flew the coop’, it is understandable from just a purely natural reaction; when a bird feels ‘trapped’ that is exactly what it is inclined to do. but that is not a negative, it can be a positive thrust. we all need a back door escape when ‘trapped in burning flames’. and I can assure you that the devil has turned up the ‘pressure cooker’ for him.
    The Holy Spirit puts Fr. John Corapi on my heart a lot; sometimes out of the blue and on a busy day. I can be really tired at the end of a day, but as I lay my head on the pillow, I sometimes feel his anguish; so I say at least three ‘Hail Mary’s’ for him before sleep. I believe Fr. is on the ‘cross with Jesus’ right now and for my part, I will remain at the foot of the cross with Our Lady and any others–Praying and surrounding him with Love! I hold in my heart the HOPE and LIGHT of his resurrection!
    just a further note: I think if EWTN would put Father’s teachings back on the air, it would be a powerful support for him and confound and weaken the devil’s grip; the devil is ‘claiming Victory’ that he ‘silenced these powerful teachings’, and EWTN is unwittingly being an accomplice to the devil’s devious tactics–how sad! It is beyond me how no one at EWTN discerns this?!


      1. John…I was referring more to the breakdown of other more strategic support defenses like…psychological, emotional, spiritual as well as physical…the very ‘military tactics’ that Fr. spoke of when referring to how the devil likes to “isolate” us if he can for better target practice, wearing us down for an easy kill. you know–Diablo–the great divide–strike the ‘blacksheepdog’ and the sheep will scatter. remember–the devil flies below our ‘obvious 5 sense radar’–so he will distort and invert the obivous for his ‘imaginative purposes’; ex: Fr. has lots of money so he takes the money and runs; his silence doesn’t ‘sound good’ so he abandoned his sheep; maybe he never really cared after all, maybe he was in it for the power/money from the get go…all this and more–the devil can convince us of…UNLESS…we are ‘spiritually keen’ and remain steadfast in Love & Prayer…thinking only the BEST of/for Fr. John Corapi and yes, then God can work Miracles! If Fr. doesn’t want his sheep to go to slaughter, he will be back! I for one believe in Fr. John Corapi and I will keep the candle burning–in the darkness–for as long as it takes–to light his way back home.
        I am reminded of a similar scenario: Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the crowd was Hailing HIM: “Blessed is HE who comes in the Name of The Lord”. A couple days later the crowd was yelling: “Crucify HIM”. Will we be part of that same ‘fickle crowd’ in regard to Fr. John? If so, God will accept Fr. John’s ‘Redemptive Sufferings’ but we will be held accountable; and like the ‘fickle crowd’ we will be saying: “his blood be on us and on our children”.
        I will close with these powerful and applicable words from St. Pio of Pietrelcina:
        Prayer is the effusion of our heart’s into God’s….When this is done WELL, it moves the Divine Heart, and is more conducive to an answer. Let us try to effuse our ENTIRE Soul when praying to God. HE is captivated by our prayers, and comes to our aid.
        Christ’s Peace be with us,

      2. I don’t think we should say “If Fr. doesn’t want his sheep to go to slaughter, he will be back!” It’s not up to Father it’s up to us to make the right choices in life for the honor and glory of God. Whatever he is going through I don’t think he needs us to add more pressure.
        Father when OR if you come back we as your sister/brother in Christ will not stop praying for you or caring about you.

      3. I pray for Father John every day, Charla. My thinking is that he should return to the internet, in some form, and keep us posted. As a subscriber, and purchaser of his products for many years, I believe I am owed his attention. If he slipped and fell, I’d be there to help him up. We’re all sinners, and we all fail, but to give-up at the Anniversary of his 20th year of serving The Lord, it just seems too amazing to me. Ordained by a Pope/Saint John Paul II, how many can claim that on their resume? If, on the slim chance that he reads this blog, I’d say to him, “Make ammends, stand tall, you are a Priest forever, unto the Order of Melchisedech. We are in the final days of the age of Mercy of The Lord, and you, Father John Corapi, are needed, now more than ever. Soon, very soon, The Chantisements will be upon the world, and we need many Good Priests, to guide us throught what will be the test on humanity, where Good shall Triumph over Evil.
        This is my prayer for today, and the last time that I will respond on this site. Prayer, not words, are what’s needed now. Keep on hoping and praying, Charla.
        And may you be abundantly Blessed,

      4. Charla…you are correct in saying that “it’s up to us to make the right choices…”; we have free wills and minds to reason. personally, my Faith will not be shaken, I will only press-on with greater Fervor but…in Prayer, The Holy Spirit put on my heart the Souls, those whose Faith is weak, who will drift along on a sea of doubt, with more questions than answers–vulnerable sheep in a precarious world. However, I was not going to put that sentence in my reply but The Holy Spirit nudged me…for very different reasons than you stated. It is not to add pressure–not at all, but rather a ‘charitable Invitation’ for Fr. to respond to a [real need]–an accountability to Souls ‘bereft of HOPE’. It is Fr. who dubbed himself “the blacksheepdog’ and so it is The Holy Spirit WHO in turn [lovingly] challenges him to the task of “protecting…the sheep entrusted to his care”. I hope that helps.
        God BLess,

  18. I left for Ghana in 2009 and my fiance was so excited about becoming a catholic. I told him about Fr. John Corapi. We listened to him on the web. When I returned from Ghana last fall I found out about him leaving. I was shocked. Now, I can only hope and pray that he returns in some capacity to continue to preach and help others that also face so many of today’s challenges. I also remember him saying we are at war. Let’s hope none of us forget this. This is a battle for souls.


      PO BOX 550
      WHITEFISH, MT 59937-0550 | view map
      (406) 751-1900
      Buy Detailed Profile $5.00 | view a sample

      This is the only address I could find, and it appears to be totally Secularized.

  19. Father Corapi and Mother Angelica, You are my heros. Together you have brought me into to the TRUTH of the Catholic Church. Althoug I am a “cradle Catholic,” I was living in sin because of lies I had bought into. Your preaching of the TRUTH has set me free!

    I love you both with all of my heart, offer my Masses for you, and pray for you daily by name. You have helped to save my soul and the souls of countless others. God is allowing the silence of both of our beloved saints in the making for His Greater Glory. Let us all join together in prayer for them as well as in thanksgiving for the miracles they helped work in the lives of so many.

    Thank you for all of the beautiful replys that are posted here. And, Thank you for this opportunity to share!

    My every weekday started listening to, and soaking in Father Corapi. We were planning to help with his visit to Baton Rouge. My 8 year old was saving her money to attend. And then, he was gone. I was so depressed when all of this began. But, I will not allow Satan to rob my joy! Father Corapi taught (and still teaches me through recordings) to go to Mass, pray the Rosary, offer sacrafices, go to Adoration, make frequent confession, pray at the Abortion mill, and work to end abortion. I will do all with JOY as often as possible! I will give God the Glory. And I thank Him for Father Corapi, my favorite priest of all!

    Let us all join together to fight the Contraception Mandate in honor of Father Corapi! And let us shower him with LOVE and Prayers!!! Aimee Marlborough

    1. AimeeThanks for your great and inspiring and uplifting post. Keep praying for Father and Mother Angelica. Although the silence of Father bothers some people it doesn’t me. I love him and love God for bringing him into our lives. God has requested his silence and we must accept his will.
      Take care Aimee and keep the faith, pray for all who are bringing law suits against the government, including my friend who is a private citizen.
      God Bless

  20. I pray everyday that Fr. Corapi smell the lavender flowers and see the beautiful woman again, calling…..”Johnny, Johnny”! Thousands if not millions of people have been touched by him, and I can’t help but believe that as he often preached about satan and his evil attempts at destroying priests, that his words and conscience have him in a better place than he was when this Black Sheep Dog website was first begun. We all need to continue our prayers for him, and very fervently.

    1. What about “testing the spirits? 1Jn 4:1 “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Scent of lavender and a beautiful woman’s voice? For the Love of God, please do not be duped by the Father of Lies who seeks the destruction of every soul created by God! Father Corapi, I pray for you.

      1. Fr. John Corapi is NOT a false prophet! His teachings, preachings and admonisions have ALWAYS been in line with/resounding those of the Catholic Church! He has stated more than once that he ONLY teaches/imparts to the Faithful that which is contained in Holy Scripture–as handed down from the ‘Fathers of the Church’ and as taught by the ‘Magesterium’. Fr. said that if he interjects his own opinion on something, he will state it as such, and so he has. I attended Fr. John Corapi’s classes on the “Cathechism of the Catholic Church” every month for many months in Sacramento,California back in the mid-nineties. There was/is NOTHING that smaks of heresy/apostasy/falsehood but ONLY echos the FULLNESS of TRUTH of our Catholic Faith! And the ‘Fullness of Truth’ preached that was NOT seeking a popularity pole or preaching a ‘new theology’, but Father courageously preached the TRUTH-the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth-“in season and out of season”!! Father John Corapi brought the Faith Alive-from the roof tops-like no other at a time of hunger–when Truth had been/was being watered-down and the Faithful were mal-nurished. All because Fr. was ‘Empowered by the Holy Spirit’–for the salvation of Souls, the good of Holy Church and The Glory of God!!!

      2. So true, Margaret, so true! We know, and the church knows, that his classes on the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ was, is and always will be, the greatest tool given to the church, and brought thousands upon thousands to the church! Such a loss that they won’t acknowledge that any longer.

      3. William…truly, the Holy Spirit’s ‘Inspired teachings’ are timeless. The devil is ‘seemingly’ having a field day with Fr. John and the [Good Fruits] that he brought forth but remember, the devil is a master of illusion/delusion. The seeds of Fr.’s teachings have blown across the Earth and will bear Fruit until the end of time. This speaks to me of the Offertory Prayer in the Mass for the Apostles: “Through All The Earth Their Voice Resounds, Their Message To The Ends Of The World”! Father’s Life of Suffering and Love and more Love and Suffering… is now silent on the ‘Cross with Christ’…bearing much Fruit for his ‘seeds to be sown’. For our part, we can keep Mary company at the foot of the Cross…Praying and Waiting and more Waiting and Praying!
        Christ’s Peace be with us all!

  21. Dear Father John…please don’t tell us you ‘ran the race’, only to drop just before the finish line….don’t tell us you lost ‘the good fight’….since when did the lady with the ‘combat boots’ raise a loser?….get back in the game Father john..I need you…the world needs you…the Church needs you…and most of all, God needs you back in the place he put you twenty years ago!

  22. John Corapi has been sited repeated in Kalispell Montana with his girlfriend out having dinner or this or that. SOLT says he’s made no contact regarding returning. Why don’t you all just leave him alone? He’s quit. He’s not trying to make money off of anyone anymore, and he is living quietly in his home with his gal and his toys. He’s not hurting anyone but himself now. Time to let it rest.

    1. OK, first of all..who is this “girl friend” and why hasn’t he mentioned her in past news letters…if she actually exists? And just who, by name, has seen them at dinner..and again, who has seen them together at his home? I think the whole thing stinks…as time goes by, it sounds more like he was “set” up by the church he so dearly loved..could it be professional jealously through higher church officials…maybe as far as the Vatican? Could it be that he had a larger following then the Pope? Not since Since Fulton Sheen, have we seen such a charismatic Priest in the last twenty years. I Have been a faithful Catholic for 69 years..but I tell you this, if he comes up for air, starts his own church, I’ll be one of the first of hundreds of thousands that will join him and I will stand beside him to return the church to it’s fundamental beginnings once again. The mother church has committed a grave mistake in suspending him. It stands to lose every catholic he brought in to the church, at a time when they can least afford it. And you dare to call yourselves Christian clergy! Shame on all you naysayers!

      1. I believe you are right. There is no prove that Father is living with a girlfriend and has left the church. In his DVD Don’t Look Back’ he did say he was set-up by a woman he helped get her life in order. . I loved his sermons and hope he comes back.

      2. I think he still has a plan, Mary. The millions of Fathers followers, including myself, know, over the years of watching and listening to him, that he is a Godly force, that was lifted from the slums of hell to become one of the greatest teachers of the church we’ve ever had. There is no possible way this man would just give up and walk away in face of what he has preached over the past twenty years…it goes against everything he believed and made us believe. Isn’t all so strange that this same church that has tried to obliterate this mans name, has shifted child molesting priests from parish to parish, paying millions of dollars in ‘hush’ money to cover their unholy acts?
        The church has had a very visual campaign going on lately, to retrieve those, who for whatever reason, left the church…’Come home!, to the Catholic church!’….well I say..’Come home, Father John, to the PEOPLE of the church who need you!

      3. Oh my dear Lord! Please don’t go off following some “charismatic” priest rather than God’s church! Jesus did not give the keys of the Kingdom to Corapi, he gave them to Peter–and do you think for an instant the Holy Father would be jealous of john Corapi???? How deluded can people be?

      4. You have a good point Kerry, and I believe everyone, including myself, has to be aware that we are not judge nor jury, but only want the Truth to be made known, and that Fr. Corapi is well, and hopefully, on the way back to at least talking with his supporters. Prayer is the answer, and faith in Holy Mother Church. Have a Blessed Easter Season. He is risen, allelulia!

    2. this is stuff calumny and detraction are made up of–be it ‘unfounded’ or ‘founded’ rumors- or commonly called SIN. Fr. John Corapi is entitiled to his [Good Name] and should not be ‘slandered’ because of some ‘incredible heresay’. please…do not condemn, judge or ‘lay him to rest’–with no Peace!
      “leave him alone?”–Father never left anyone alone that was in need: one of many stories (if you recall) was when he rescued a ‘fallen priest’ from a crack-house in the middle of the night and at gun point. No, LOVE does NOT leave One alone when One is hurting–be it ‘vocal pain’ or ‘sounds of silence’!
      I for one will not believe such “rumors” unless confessed directly from Fr. John Corapi’s own lips. And if he did confess such things, I would feel his pain as if it were my own and then ‘lift him up like a brother’, just like he did for countless others. Actually, the very woman that made accusations against him betrayed his Charity; Fr. said: “I helped her like I helped no other person”.
      Christ’s Peace remain with us all!

    1. “forget the man”?–words that taste of ‘bitter Gaul’ pressed to the lips of Jesus in HIS Agony! These are words…that Satan himself would say of Jesus as HE hung upon the Cross. The Devil would want nothing more than for us/for the Church–to “forget” Fr. John Corapi AND all of his Enlightened Teachings/Preaching’s. “the man”–is a ‘Priest of God’ ” in the Life of the Church”; only and sadly, ‘members of the Church’ have taken the Life out of ‘the Priest’–a most beloved and most needed Priest. ONLY and Gladly, Jesus does NOT take the ‘Life’ out of the Priest–but ‘CAN take it ‘Up Again’. And so Fr. John, Jesus has NOT forgotten you and neither will we–who Pray for you and Love you–not just in good memory—but Present and Alive “in the Life of The Church”!

  23. @Edwin Familia. i disagree with you to forget about fr. john corapi, how can anyone wash their hands so easily like Pilate did? How can you abandon someone who has given so much of his life and time to the sheepfold of Christ, no, you Edwin together with all of us must continue to pray for fr. john corapi, we must persevere harder and pray the Rosary and spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament like fr john always taught us! Satan does not attack his kingdom, he does not attack his followers, but he always attacks the good and holy people. And GOD NEVER forgets His own, not one hair from your head will be lost – Jesus said to His disciples and the gates of hell will not prevail against you and the Church! Courage my friend, never lose hope in God, we have a great example in ST PAUL, he killed and persecuted many Christians, but when God called him he became one of the biggest followers of CHRIST!
    Fr john corapi you are always in my prayers and I do believe that God will show you the way and the truth through HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and HOLY MARY will once again bring you to Her SON, JESUS! JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH HELP ALL OF US AND PROTECT US in these trying times!
    Juliana Montinaro and family

  24. Not that I think he reviews postings here but just wanted to leave a thought. Corapi is the most influential Catholic I know of. I disagree with many teachings of the church and would love to tell him why. But to save time I’ll just say that I believe he loves God…People fail in the churches eyes all the time…In God’s eyes he’s right where he needs to be. I personally don’t care if he bent the rules in a weak time …who doesn’t??? Interesting that I doubt the person turning him was doing it to repent. Jesus don’t need you to defend his honor (eucharist)..He probably wants people to recieve his honor.

  25. Fr. John Corapi, you are the priest who taught me Catechism. I have all your tapes. You are in my prayers. Remember what your thesis was on? THE CROSS. SUFFERING! This is part of it. We love you very much and whatever happened, please listen to what the Holy Spirit told all of us Catholics through your voice. Go back and listen to all of your talks. Like your dad told you, “Don’t ever give up.” I will keep you in my prayers forever. Every day I will pray for you. My parents are praying too. There will be no shortage of those who will try and defeat you. You are strong. Remain faithful. Pray. Go to the Blessed Sacrament. We love you far more than you will ever know. Starting tomorrow, for seven days, each day, I will pray a 20-decade Rosary for you Father John Corapi!!! You were strong for us when we were weak; now it’s our turn to be strong for you!
    –Rebecca Aragon

  26. Edmund Coakley. A guilty man ultimately protected by the church, or should I say by fallible humans who were part of the church community at the time. Coakley was guilty but treated as innocent. Yet some people are surprised by the notion that Fr. Corapi could be treated as guilty by his religious superiors, fallible human beings, while he in fact, is innocent?

    An unstable woman fired from her job, assaults a co-worker and threatens to destroy Fr. Corapi. Within days, the unsubstantiated allegations reach S.O.L.T. They treat the matter as if the complaint against Fr. was lodged by a minor, not an adult, and they go against proper procedure by limiting Father’s duties. Another misstep by S.O.L.T.

    I am saddened that it took leaving the priesthood for Father Corapi to take a stand, but wrong is wrong. The accuser knows she’s lying and for some reason, continues to revel in the damage she’s done. She should have long since come forward and retracted, but perhaps SOME COMPELLING factor prevents this.

    God bless you, Fr. Corapi. Our family joins the others who pray for you and miss you.

    1. Having an open mind, I continue to pray for Father Corapi. Judging by your post, you seem to have insider information by stating “She’s lying”. My understanding of the matter is that she was ‘Paid’ to keep silent about the goings-on at Santa Cruz Media. What secrets does a Catholic Media Production Company have that would warrant a non-disclosure clause in an employees contract for employment? Maybe she is in fact lying, but the secrecy clause and payment to keep quiet bothers me. What’s your take? I want to believe in a man who has done much good in The Church, but the disclosed statements of facts give me problem.

    2. May God bless and keep you, Ms. McQueeney…for standing by Father Corapi..It’s your strength and faith, along with millions of others, that will eventually return Father us.

  27. Looking for what someone may have done wrong is like peeking into the Confessional trying to hear the penitent’s Confession. That’s what “the news” is full of. That’s understandable for non-Catholics; but we Catholics really should know better. It’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS what someone does or fails to do. My only responsibility is to pray for my fellow Christian!

  28. Father Corapi, believe it or not I always pray for you. Mistakes–everyone makes them. Your charisma will never fail. I know your future because you have said it. You are a light for God and it will never extinguish–it will always be in your heart. You are a Saint.

    Saint Ugo

      1. Gee, Michael…maybe you should look up the word and meanings of “charisma”…and using the expression “you’re a Saint” can also mean the man had Saintly beliefs…as should we all try and emulate!!

  29. You’re absolutely right Fred. I to have read the life of Saint Francis, A Saint I admire greatly. And, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Bring Father Corapi here, that I may kiss his consecrated hands, and return him to reconciliation with Holy Mother Church and his blessed order, S.O.L.T.

    1. I see your point John… and It is sad to say… But He was instrumental ,like a real spiritual father in my conversion to the Catholic Faith.. And I feel now like the son of a Father who has divorced my Mother Church… I love them both…do you see what I mean..??. I feel orphan from my spiritual father… eventhough, my only Father is JESUSCHRIST and Our Father GOD… I tend to think that Fr.Corapi would not have left if our Mother would allow Her Priests to come married or single, in the condition that they feel best suits them…, now we are bringing married Priest with wife & Children from our Anglican brothers..?! Would it be nice to be able to keep our great Priest even if they fall in love & marry… or others might choose celibacy…just a thought in my heart and in the heart of many Christians…and by allowing that we might have even avoided other crimes commited to children by some ordained priests.. or may be not….?? Just opening my heart & mind to your brotherly heart. Thank you & God Bless!!

      1. The biggest problem with married priests is one of Support. Most parishes these days are struggling to be solvent by relying on weekly donations from the faithful. Supporting a Married Priest , and his family is just not fiesable. The Parish would go broke. The Priests coming into the Catholic Church from other denominations, have to promise that they will support their families without Church help. Often, that means the wife will have to find a job and be the major support of their family. The Priest gets a small salary and bnefits from the Church, but only for himself. That’s why Holy Mother Church saw the problem with Married Preists. That, and the question of property, housing for a Family, and heirs inheriting church property. It just doesn’t work.

        I hope I’ve explained this matter sufficiently. If not, I suggest bringing it up with your Confessor.

        As for Father Corapi, still Praying for him. In my 67 years, I’ve seen too many good Religous Priests ans Sisters leaving religous life. They are all missed.

        Peace be with you Fred. Keep the faith.


    BILL S.

    1. You may ‘think’ that he is consumed by ‘Pride’, a serious charge being one of the Seven Capitol Sins.But to state it as a ‘fact’ is calumny, and bearing False wittness, since no authority has proven him guilty. That will only come with time, if he ever turns up again. Carefull with that! What’s needed now are Prayers. Even his accuser isn’t making any statements, nor filing civil charges, which, to me, is a possibility that he may be innocent. I knew ‘Svobodas’ years ago from Baltimore City. Are you one of them? If so, Yuk se mash!

  31. Many of you who have commented on that which happened to Fr. Corapi, share my exact sentiments. Oh, what a great orator, with the ability to draw even those many years removed from the faith, back on the path to salvation I pray daily, as I know many of you do, that he will soon resurface and capture many souls in need of his message………as he alone can preach. There has been no one of recent note, to ever take the truest stance on that which is occurring right now, as we live and breath. We are surely in need of his wisdom. It is one thing to know that through the Holy Spirit, many of us have been blest with the gift of faith, but there are so many out there who are in desparate need to orally hear the message that only Fr. Corapi can give. J. Cullen

    1. It has been about a year since Father Corapi vanished. Does anyone know if he is still writing the book about his life? In his DVD ‘ Don’ Look Back’ He said he was still writing it, but I have heard nothing since.

      1. At this stage of the game, I would think there are a few new chapters to include in the book.. Call (406) 751-1900 for Santa Cruze Media. They should have an answer for you.

      2. CORAPI Mar-28-2011 (790 words) Follow-up. With photos posted March 21. xxxn

        Father Corapi’s company says action against priest violates canon law

        By Dennis Sadowski
        Catholic News Service

        WASHINGTON (CNS) — A representative of the media company owned by Father John Corapi challenged the action to place the popular speaker on administrative leave from priestly ministry, saying that it was illicit under “several points of canon law.”

        Bobbi Ruffatto, vice president of operations at Santa Cruz Media, Inc., in Kalispell, Mont., charged in a posting on Father Corapi’s Facebook page March 25 that Bishop William M. Mulvey of Corpus Christi, Texas, acted improperly, according to canon lawyers consulted by the company.

        The statement offered no specific citations of canon law.

        However, Marty Wind, director of communications for the Diocese of Corpus Christi, disputed Ruffatto’s claim that Bishop Mulvey placed Father Corapi on leave. He said the action was taken by officials of the priest’s order, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity in Robstown, Texas.

        “We have been clear from the beginning that the bishop of Corpus Christi was notified by the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity that the administrative leave was imposed by the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, not the bishop of the diocese,” Wind told Catholic News Service March 25.

        Father Corapi was placed on administrative leave following an accusation of misconduct by a former Santa Cruz Media employee.

        The priest denied any wrongdoing in a statement on his website March 18. He gave little information about the accusation except to say a former employee had “sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several adult women.”

        Father Gerard Sheehan, regional priest servant for the society, said March 28 he had not yet seen Ruffatto’s posting and that no formal discussion within the order about it had occurred.

        The investigation into the former Santa Fe Media employee’s claim has yet to begin, Father Sheehan added, because the two priests who will conduct the probe had not yet been named. Bishop Mulvey instructed the religious community to ask two priests who are not diocesan clergy and who are not members of the order to investigate the allegations.

        Father Sheehan said he was waiting for clarification from the diocese before choosing the priest investigators.

        Wind said that although Father Corapi was placed on leave, “it’s been the position of the Diocese of Corpus Christi from the outset that the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise is of the highest importance.”

        Calls and emails from Catholic News Service to Santa Cruz Media requesting comment from Father Corapi and Ruffatto were not returned.

        Online records with the Montana secretary of state list John Corapi as the registered agent for the company. A company with the same name also is registered in Nevada and online records in the secretary of state’s office there indicated John A. Corapi holds the office of president, treasurer, secretary and director.

        Ruffatto’s six-paragraph statement referenced the U.S. bishops’ zero-tolerance policy as outlined by the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” and called for it to be changed “because of false accusations like this.”

        Father Corapi has been an outspoken critic of the charter in interviews and during his public presentations.

        “There is no evidence at this time that Father Corapi did anything wrong, only the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee, who, after losing her job with this office, physically assaulted me and another employee and promised to destroy Father Corapi,” Ruffatto said.

        “We all continue to pray for this person and we ask you to do the same,” the Santa Cruz executive added.

        Ruffatto said the company would continue selling the books, DVDs, and other video and audio recordings of its owner as the investigation unfolds. Ruffatto said the purchases of customers would allow Father Corapi to continue his work as well as pay for legal expenses to fight the allegation.

        “We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way,” the company official said. “As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church, although we have the utmost respect for church authority.”

        After the 63-year-old priest was placed on leave, EWTN suspended broadcasts of his widely viewed television program. In an unsigned statement on its website, the Catholic broadcast network said officials took the step “with much prayer and careful discernment.”

        “In EWTN’s 30 years of existence the network has never knowingly aired programming featuring any priest whose priestly faculties have been suspended,” the statement said. “The network has always responded consistently and immediately in such situations by removing such programs from the air. We are obliged to do so in obedience to the discipline of the church.”


      3. Yes Johnnyzee3, at lest the number that appears on your blogg for Sta. Cruz Media it is disconnected. May be Santa Cruz Media it is functioning under another Tel. Nbr… Anyone knows..? Regards, Fred&Grace

      4. Yes, I did… They might have another number now..?. But the recording from the Telephone Co. does not provide it either…! BRegards, Fred.



    Today bring to Me souls who have become lukewarm, and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy. These souls wound My Heart most painfully. My soul suffered the most dreadful loathing in the Garden of Olives because of lukewarm souls. They were the reason I cried out: ‘Father, take this cup away from Me, if it be Your will.’ For them, the last hope of salvation is to run to My mercy.

    Most compassionate Jesus, You are Compassion Itself. I bring lukewarm souls into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart. In this fire of Your pure love, let these tepid souls who, like corpses, filled You with such deep loathing, be once again set aflame. O Most Compassionate Jesus, exercise the omnipotence of Your mercy and draw them into the very ardor of Your love, and bestow upon them the gift of holy love, for nothing is beyond Your power.

    Fire and ice cannot be joined;
    Either the fire dies, or the ice melts.
    But by Your mercy, O God,
    You can make up for all that is lacking.

    Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon lukewarm souls, who are nonetheless enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. Father of Mercy, I beg You by the bitter Passion of Your Son and by His three-hour agony on the Cross: Let them, too, glorify the abyss of Your mercy.

    Recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet

    1. Answering to JOHNNYZEE3:
      Yes, I have tried several times, but may be there is a mistake on the number posted there on the blogg for STA. CRUZ MEDIA..?? May be it is another their phone number…?. Regards,
      Fred& Grace.

  33. All of you who dare to speculate that Fr. Corapi is anything but pure in his
    position and his struggle in his mission to spread the word of God, should
    be ashamed of yourselves. To claim that you are concerned for Fr. Corapi yet would have the nerve to publicly question a man whose voice is one of the greatest and holy voices of our times. Our St. Paul. And further to fail to question the intentions of the church whose apostasy Our Lady of Fatima warned about is without question. Stop your idol gossip and wasting your
    and our time.

    1. Lorraine, your message seems to be out of context, and so, I don’t know to whom you are addressing. This is an OPEN BLOG, and all respectfull comments are welcome, and no, I am not the Moderator. We try to learn from one another, but it seems that there is no news at all from F. Corapi, anywhere, on the Internet, nor anywhere else for that matter. After a year since the scandal broke, no word at all, and so, everything here is pure speculation, and nothing for you to take offense to. Most of those on this site, as am I, are Praying for Fr. Corapi, and would love for him to return to Ministry. Please remember the addage, “Praise in public, criticize in private”. If someone on this site offends you, use the ‘Reply’ Link, and address that person alone. As for Saint Paul the Apostle, nowhere is it written that he Dyed his Beard, spent endless hours in a Tanning Booth, and traveled first class and by Limmosine, with a full compliment of Bodyguards. He would never have achieved Sainthood acting that-a-way! Peace be with you Lorraine and may you be abundantly Blessed.

    2. Dear Lorraine, my wife & I have followed our Dear Fr. Corapi since the beginning of his apostolate, being the best preacher of our times to whom I owe my convertion to the Catholic faith (from Muslim)… As much as we love him we sadly realize that he left the Priesthood and he is tired, upset and hurt with so much gossip & criticism and the way the church & bishops have handled the situation a bit extreme to say the least… We do not believe he has committed any crime here.. may be a sin or two as anybody else is entitled to committ…And he is also entitled to get tired and pursue a private catholic life… even if he opts to leave the priesthood for good and get a seculaization, he is entitled to…even if he in the future chooses to have a loved one in his life, who is there to judge him…he is a free man.. HE IS ENTITLED TO HIS LIFE.. He gave us the best 20 years of HIS life… WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM AND SPECIALLY TO JUDGE HIM SO HARSHLY…IF WE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THAT ALL THE RELIGIOUS MAN, PRIESTS & PREACHERS CAN BE MARRIED IF THEY WISH TO IN THE PROTESTANT, ANGLICAN AND MANY OFTHE ORTHODOX WORLD… I DO NOT SEE THE SIN OF ALLOWING OUR PRIESTS TO LEAVE THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND PURSUE THEIR PRIVATE LIFE IF THEY WISH TO… WE DID NOT HIRE A SLAVE… WE CANNOT IMPOSSE THE PRIESTHOOD IS A FREE WILL AND THEIR FREEDOM TO DISCERN… AND THEY CAN LEAVE ANYTIME THEY WISH TO… AND NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO THROW THE FIRST STONE… AS NOBODY IS IN HIS SHOES… I think we must leave our Dear Fr. Corapi to choose his seculaization and nobody should be throwing uncharitable comments… We owe him that much respect… Love in Christ, Fred & Grace

  34. Dear Lorraine, my wife & I have followed our Dear Fr. Corapi since the beginning of his apostolate, being the best preacher of our times to whom I owe my convertion to the Catholic faith (from Muslim)… As much as we love him we sadly realize that he left the Priesthood and he is tired, upset and hurt with so much gossip & criticism and the way the church & bishops have handled the situation a bit extreme to say the least… We do not believe he has committed any crime here.. may be a sin or two as anybody else is entitled to committ…And he is also entitled to get tired and pursue a private catholic life… even if he opts to leave the priesthood for good and get a seculaization, he is entitled to…even if he in the future chooses to have a loved one in his life, who is there to judge him…he is a free man.. HE IS ENTITLED TO HIS LIFE.. He gave us the best 20 years of HIS life… WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM AND SPECIALLY TO JUDGE HIM SO HARSHLY…IF WE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THAT ALL THE RELIGIOUS MAN, PRIESTS & PREACHERS CAN BE MARRIED IF THEY WISH TO IN THE PROTESTANT, ANGLICAN AND MANY OFTHE ORTHODOX WORLD… I DO NOT SEE THE SIN OF ALLOWING OUR PRIESTS TO LEAVE THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND PURSUE THEIR PRIVATE LIFE IF THEY WISH TO… WE DID NOT HIRE A SLAVE… WE CANNOT IMPOSSE THE PRIESTHOOD IS A FREE WILL AND THEIR FREEDOM TO DISCERN… AND THEY CAN LEAVE ANYTIME THEY WISH TO… AND NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO THROW THE FIRST STONE… AS NOBODY IS IN HIS SHOES… I think we must leave our Dear Fr. Corapi to choose his seculaization and nobody should be throwing uncharitable comments… We owe him that much respect… Love in Christ, Fred & Grace


    1. I have all of the videos, books, tapes, etc. Fred. But unfortunately, I will not part with them. They are a true source of knowledge and truth and I recognize the value. I could never put a price on them, as they are priceless to me. If I knew how to get you copies, I would…but fear that is not permitted and would be against the law. I hope and pray you find someone who can supply you with these items…they are truly precious. He is one in a million. I pray daily that he will resurface and return to those of us truly touched by his sincerity and knowledge of the TRUTH.

      1. None of my business, but anyone with a computer or DVD Burner could make copies of those tapes or discs, etc. Just do not charge for them……….

      2. Thank you so much Johnny, I hope somebody knows how and is willing to make us a copy. God bless!
        Fred & Grace

    1. Thanks for that interesting link, Deb. I couldn’t help but notice that the date on the material was July, 2011, at the height of the scandal, and all of the back and forth that time entaled. My question to you is, ‘what’s the point’? To my understanding, the investigation is ongoing, although stalled by Father Corapi’s Civil Case against his accuser. As for SOLT and their Website, I know of no definitive finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. What we know for sure is that nobody’s talking. Not Fr. Corapi, not SOLT, certainly not EWTN. So, you post an ancient article, posted on a questionable ‘Blog’ covering things we allready know.
      Pray tell, What’s your point?
      P.S.:- I found the Witch on the Airplane story especially laudable. It was falsely attributed to Fr. Corapi. I happen to be familiar with the real story as a quote from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who was fasting for ‘Life’. The woman, a vegan, said she was fasting also, ‘For Abortions’. No mention of Hosts, etc.

    2. The ONLY light that this article sheds is from the fires fueled by the devil’s advocate, casting its dubious and grotesque shadows on the misbegotten….
      In Fr. John Corapi’s own words, when confirming the Faithful in the Truth of the Church’s Teachings: “I am NOT going to Hell for anyone”! He’s been there and done that in his ‘former lifestyle’–been to hell and back and lived to tell his story! Why?…after all his labors and achievements, since then and up until now, in his Enlightened Ordained Priesthood, want to ‘return to hell’?? It doesn’t make sense–filling the holy-water font with sulfur??
      What comes to mind is a remarkable comparison in the Life of St. John Vianney. In a nutshell, run down from the weight of his (St. John V.) ministry–overburdened and overworked, with a lack of support from his conferrers, not to mention the repeated and accelerated attacks from “diablo”, St. John Vianney FLED and started to ‘run away from it all’–he could no longer cope. What ‘saved’ him was when his ‘faithful parishoners’ realized what was happening while praying, then ran after him, begging him to come back. At that moment he saw the ‘hand of God in his Life’ and returned to his parish, strengthened and invincible–to become the great Saint we know today!
      I believe that Fr.Corapi’s illusive disappearance is of this same nature–result of a crushing and relentless pressure–this is a decisive time for him. Only those were more simpler times when St. John Vianney walked this earth, but ‘human nature has all but changed’!
      Jesus said to Peter, James and John in Gethsemane: “watch and pray…”, then again: “…could you not watch one hour with me…”, and again: “Peter, Satan has asked to sift you like wheat, but I (Jesus) have prayed for you that you may not be put to the test”. Why are we not ‘keeping watch and praying’ MORE for Fr. John–that is the ‘leverage’ God needs to move this mountain; instead of fueling the fire with scathing condemnations!!

      1. Wonderfully said. Hopefully all the prayers willl lead him back to where he is so greatly needed. In this terrible time of low morals in this United States it is easy to see why he would be so much in the tiny minority. I myself like many others have faith in Father Corapi. In time God will lead him back to us.

  36. Father Corapi is responsible (by the grace of the Holy Spirit of course) for the conversion and reversion of COUNTLESS many. I’d say that scores a LOT of points. How many out there can claim even ONE conversion…… Who among you can cast the first stone. Not me.

      1. This Blog is getting out of control, and I believe, off the point. Has anyone seen or heard any news on Father Corapi? Go Way Back to the beginning and the message states”The Black Sheepdog Website………….All gone, etc,etc.” Let’s at least agree to Pray for the man, or pass along a kind word amongst ourselves. The comments now, are getting repetative, some praising, some condemming. Certainly nothing new. Here’s a challenge to all, try and find some new information, not speculation, and post it !
        Has anyone seen or heard anything from, or about, Father Corapi???
        God Bless,

  37. Fr. Corapi was a good and holy priest but at some point he left his ministry and I do fear for his soul. We all have to work out our salvation with ‘fear and trembling’ and no one is guaranteed salvation just because at some point in time they did great acts of charity and love in the Church. I personal believe Fr. Corapi is guilty and has once more descended back into the world of sex and money that took a dramatic toll on his life prior to when he reconciled himself originally with the Church. Any priest who no longer believes the sacraments are important and that he can continue in active ministry without them is at best delusional.

    I don’t condemn the man, I feel very sorry for him. But we follow Christ and His Church, not individual personalities no matter how uplifting the message they deliver. I believe, for the most part, Fr Corapi
    s message was in keeping with that of Holy Mother Church, he was a gifted and charismatic preacher who was obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, no one should distance themselves from the wonderful sermons he gave when he was speaking with the mind of the Church. However, now I wouldn’t pay a dime for whatever he dishes up (if he ever re-surfaces again) unless he is fully reconciled with the Church (God Willing this will happen) because if I wanted the opinions of a fallen man I could just as well listen to myself.

    EWTN which did a great deal to bring Fr. Corapi’s wonderful preaching to our attention should not be attacked for distancing themselves from the man. They, like us who supported him, are I’m sure, feeling very upset and disappointed over this whole affair.

    May God Bless us all and Fr. Corapi. He has strayed again from the fold and I do hope that through the prayers of all those who listened to him that he repents and returns to the truth and God’s good grace. May the Blessed Mother open his heart to the love of the Son.

    1. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.
      There will be a “Great Sign” this month. We are leaving an era, to begin a new one. Prepare, for I fear a Chastisement is coming.
      ‘Jesus, King of all’

    2. Respectfully, your assertions are based on unfounded beliefs, not facts, and are likely to cause deep emotional pain to Fr. Corapi and/or others who may read them. The Holy Spirit brings hope and restoration….let us put our faith in the Better Part and cast away the dark thoughts that are not of God. Fr. Corapi, I hope that you may find within yourself the Holy Spirit that continuously resides in your soul and animates your spirit so that you may return to your ministry. One who falls and gets back up is a great model to all of God’s redemption. Pax.

    3. Your statement: “However, now I wouldn’t pay a dime for whatever he dishes up (if he ever re-surfaces again) unless he is fully reconciled with the Church (God Willing this will happen) because if I wanted the opinions of a fallen man I could just as well listen to myself” was a little harsh…and I am urged to add, for all broken priests: if some priests are sexually ill , does not our Church teaches that you’ve got to take in the sick and a priest who is this way has to be taken in and cannot be thrown out the 21st story of a building. He’s got to be looked upon and given the same type of health that you would give anybody who has a broken leg or cancer or whatever. Again, only God knows the heart and mind of a sinner….

      But for the grace of God go I…..

    1. People will always disappoint us… God will never forsake us . I to enjoyed listening to Fr. Corapi ‘s program on EWTN.. because he always made me remember it is Jesus ,, and God the Father and the Holy Spirit …that I love and will find no rest till I rest in Them. He helped me to see my own weakness … and what was keeping me from God. God will take care of Fr. Corapi i have no doubt about that.. Worry is not from God..

  38. I pray that Our Holy Mother Mary and Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, will possibly bring Fr. John Corapi back into our broken world – if it is God’s Will. Let us pray for Fr. Corapi and never forget: “All Things Are Possible With God” (Matt 19:26)

  39. I have read everyone of these posts- the support, admirations, beliefs, and praises of Father Corapi. I, too, thought he was a great Orator, and felt blessed after watching EWTN when he was on. To feel spiritually fed after listening to a great homilist is something we all look for in the Catholic Church. Some are gifted in that area, unfortunately some are not. Certainly Fr. Corapi was given a gift, and only God can give gifts as such that bring so many into his fold. However, we need also to be careful in putting all admirations, beliefs, and praises into one man.

    Psalm 118:8 : “ It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.
    God is the one who should get all the praise and glory, not man, because is it not God working thru us?” We must recognize in ourselves those times we mistakenly raise man above God, because man is imperfect.

    Additionally, God works in very mysterious ways…sometimes what he allows to happen is for the greater good – to put us back in the right path. Maybe we displayed too much faith and awe in Father Corapi…he was only an instrument, like many others. Maybe we had to direct our praises back to where it belonged and this accusation (whether true or false), had to take place.

    James 3:2: “ For we all stumble in many ways. And if anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle his whole body.” All men stumble, and sometimes the higher we are held, the harder we fall.

    But in the end, it’s all about love…love for the sinners, and leaving all other judgement to God.
    1 Corinthians 2:7: For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. …

  40. As you speculated that Fr. Corapi is back with S.O.L.T. Order, he must be strictly following the three evangelical councils of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, most especially obedience. We hope and pray that this is the case. Let us continue praying for him.

  41. He was once an exemplar. He was a factor for my return to the Catholic Church, and the sort of gift he had for preaching made me certain that the Holy Spirit was present! Then, the last time I saw him, he had become an example of how Satan will try his hardest and even succeed to make the greatest and holiest among us fall- in one of his videos, he no longer even looked like a priest but a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Let us hope -and I pray- that he will become an example of how to repent, and how God and His Church will forgive always.

    1. My sentiments, exactly. I pray for him every single day, not only on one bead in my daily Rosary, but during the 5th St. Brigette of Sweden’s prayer about God’s unending mercy, and gives the example of how Jesus even at the last moments before death, told the thief on the cross, “This Day, you shall be with me in Paradise”.

    2. Yes, many fall during that mid-life crisis. I know of one from my own parish who went thru the same thing…lost alot of weight, trimmed right down, and dyed his hair red. This is also very common in the outside world, how hard it must be for those in the priesthood. We must remember our priest are very human, filled with the same weaknesses as you and I. God knows of this mid-life crisis, and I am sure God hasn’t departed from Fr. Corapi, anymore than He would leave other men standing alone during this human trial.

      1. Yes, and priests and religious are tempted much more than the laity. I believe they face evil temptations every single day, just as we do, but satan is more determined than ever to break down a person with a religious vocation, particularly priests. They are the only ones who can truly bring the Real Presence of the Lord to this sorry world. Padre Pio (who also went through so many torments and trials for years, said it best when he stated, “The world can exist better without the sun for one day, than without a Mass being said somewhere in the world for just one day.” I am paraphrasing, but the meaning is there.

      2. You ever wonder why most of the great heresies against the Church stem from the clergy? Ms. Julie Cullen said it.

        Martin Luther: Monk, Priest, Theologian, Professor
        Arianism: Arius: Priest
        Sabellius: Priest
        Nestorius: Patriarch of Constantinople
        Cranmer: Archbishop
        Tertullian: Priest
        Valentinus: Bishop-candidate
        Donatus Magnus: Bishop
        Pelagius: Ascetic
        Cornelius Jansen: Bishop
        Priscillian: Bishop
        Jan Hus: Priest
        Zwingli: Priest
        Origen: Priest

        The list goes on.

      3. He may be a sinner, who’s to judge but the Father, but he’s definitely “not” a Heritic ! His preaching was all sound in Bible and Catechism of The Catholic.

      4. I’m not saying that Fr. Corapi IS a heretic. Just in danger of becoming one. That’s the scary part. Can you imagine Fr. Corapi using his gift for preaching AGAINST the Church?

      5. Loanne, Father would never do that. In his final Post on TheBlackSheepdog (No longer available) he spoke in depth about what he would and wouldn’t do. Herasy is just not in his makeup.

      6. Johnny….You are right that St. Francis said that about himself, however, the statement I quoted was not ini reference to himself, but rather to a friend who initially was with him. but found he could not fulfill the requirements as St. Francis did. And even though St. Francis was a Monk, I think his statement can be applied to every priest today.

  42. What is unfathomable to me, is that no one close to him had the faith needed to turn him around. There were so many signs, the dyed beard, the clothes which were obviously Taylor Made, the watch and cuff links, and on and on. His Order, S.O.L.T. that never said a word until the day of the accusations. Then the whispers in town, dining with a female guest over a period of time. He was truly let down by all around him. And now, his Pride, “The Black Sheepdog”, indeed, keeps him in hiding. Where are his true friend(s), telling him to repent ? Fr. Corapi is still virtually a young man, and could do so much ‘in’ The Church. All of his followers, myself included, would welcome him back with open arms, if he would only make ammends, for the lies and all of the sin which can be forgiven by a Just God.. I don’t judge him, not my job. I have often wondered, since this Blog has been in existence for a long time now,if Father Corapi even knows of it’s being, or has someone close to him that reads it. If so, Come back Father, do the right thing and come back. You are a Priest forever, unto the Order of Melchesedec, and we are waiting.

    1. He certainly proves his own statement that we cannot do this struggle on our own. We are so imperfect, and weak, and easy to break that we need help, in Fr. Corapi’s own words, “to fight the good fight!”

      We truly need Fr. Corapi back. For him to be lost from us is a great loss- though not the loss of all. Let us have hope and pray and participate in God’s work of salvation for all men, though we ourselves may stumble from time to time.

    2. Has anyone thought of the possibility that he doesn’t want to come back. Many a priest have left their vocation, and end up married. We mustn’t forget St. Francis’ speech…
      “We are just a band of men who love God, each to his own capacity. But if a lack of a woman distracts him from loving God, then he should marry and breed to his hearts content.”
      God loves him no less.

      1. Once a priest, always a priest. Even if he marries, proclaims himself an atheist, grows a multi-colored mohawk, if he performs the ritual, to make bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, it’s still valid by the Grace of God. It’s just illicit, or illegal under canon law.

      2. I fully understand that…what I am suggestion is maybe he doesn’t want to be an “ACTIVE” priest anymore. He has every right to do that even if it goes against the desire of his followers.

      3. St. Francis was a Monk (said he was not worthy to be a Priest), and release from the Vows of a Monk are determined by the laws of that order. I’ve read the Biography of St. Francis, and I just can’t place that quote being attributed to him. Non-the-less, Release from Solemn Vows is a serious matter for a Priest, and we have no indication that Fr. Corapi has applied to Rome for a release at this time.
        Loannes, When a Bishop forbids a Priest from performing The Sacrifice of the Mass, that priest has lost his ability to do so, as is the case with Fr. Corapi. For one thing, there was the charge that Sacrement irregularities were being performed by Father, and this alludes to Sacriledge. We have no proof that he actually did these things, but a charge was made, and the matter was to be investigated until Fr. Corapi filed suit against his accuser, and refused to rescind the suit. It’s all a messy affair, but we can only defend Father up to a point The ball is in Father Corapi’s court, and only he can allow the investigation to proceed. If he didn’t have something to hide this whole matter could be over with now.

  43. no matter what has happened we all need to be praying for this man and for all of our priests they need our prayers more than ever in todays world of so much violence and coruption. pray really hard never give up God will make all things good. God bless our Priests.

  44. No one knows what happened last year that took our fr. Corapi from public life except those involved. It is not for us to speculate that is no better than gossip. As faithful of the flock and the best to fight satan and give support is to pray our rosary. The rosary is the strongest weapon we have. I think father corapi would want you to pray the rosary.

  45. Father John. You are still a wonderful man and priest. Remember, once a priest, always a priest. The Church has done you an injustice. Every man deserves to be heard, and everyone is not immune from sin. I know you did nothing wrong. I prayer for you always wherever you are. Blessings and all my prayers.

    1. Keep Praying and don’t lose Heart – in the desert God makes a Way!
      Our Blessed Mother will never leave Fr. John Corapi, NEVER!

      1. @Margaret….You’re correct, what we need to do is continue praying for father and the church…I will be the first to say that no one man is bigger then the church…but, I also feel a hole has been left in the heart of our church by the loss of that one man…he NEEDS to return…never stop praying!

      1. Please Father, where are you and please let us hear from . you. At least to let us know you are all right. We all love you and stand by you.

      2. @Mary….”In his own good time, Mary, in his own good time….continue to pray for father and our church!

      3. @Julie….Father knows, Julie, and you can be certain father reads these comments…and he WILL be back. Continue to pray for father and our church!

  46. No, the blessed mother will never stop interceding for Fr. Corapi..nor will her son not bestow his great mercy on him. However, we must not raise man above God. Whether or not he did something, apparently it is not for us to know…it is between him and the church, and I trust the church to have done the right thing. If you don’t trust the church, then who can you trust. They don’t have to reveal what he did. So we need to stop blaming them for Fr. Corapi’s disappearance, or state that the church has done an injustice to him. We don’t know the truth, and we shouldn’t expect the church or his superiors to reveal it to us. Trust God, give him the Glory, not Father Corapi.

  47. I, along with so many of you, are praying daily (daily=many times throughout the day) for John Corapi. I also miss him but sadly, doubt very much if we’ll ever hear from him publicly again. If he’s guilty, and sadly, it does look that way, then we need to pray the Rosary & Divine Mercy chaplet for his soul. God’s name IS mercy and our Blessed Mother is the Mother of Mercy. “Jesus, I trust in you.” May we see you John Corapi one day in Heaven!!! God love you!

  48. While prayes for Fr. Corapi will always be said, as well as for others who have swayed from God’s path, we must always remember that God’s mercy is beyond all our understanding. He didn’t die on a cross for us, so we would question the destination of someone’s soul. We will see many souls in Heaven that we least expected here on earth.

    I was shocked, confused, bewildered, as I entered Heaven’s door,
    Not by the beauty of it all, nor the lights or its decor.
    But it was the folks in Heaven who made me sputter and gasp–
    The thieves, the liars, the sinners, the alcoholics and the trash.
    There stood the kid from seventh grade who swiped my lunch money twice.

    Next to him was my old neighbor who never said anything nice.
    Herb, who I always thought was rotting away in hell,
    Was sitting pretty on cloud nine, and looking incredibly well.
    I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the deal? I would love to hear Your take.
    How’d all these sinners get up here? God must’ve made a mistake.’
    ‘And why is everyone so quiet, so sombre – give me a clue.’
    ‘Hush, child,’ He said, ‘they’re all in shock. No one thought they’d be seeing you!

    1. Marilyn, thank you for that reminder. It is comforting. I think that when I read all the comments about what SOLT found him guilty of, the graveness of those sins sometimes worries me. But God is merciful…I just have to learn to trust HIM more. 🙂 P.S. Hilarious ending to the story!

  49. We have seen a lot of good men under attack. Those who are spiritually effective are especially targets, and Satan definitely has them in his sights. As examples in recent times, we have Mel Gibson, Fr. Pavone, and Fr. Corapi.

    Satan may focus on personal weakness, jealousies, or pride in successes, or a combination — whatever it takes to compromise the person (see C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters).

    Whatever the merits, or lack of merit, of the cases against them, we need to remember that we are all targets, and as many have indicated, we need to pray for them, as well as for ourselves.

    I believe Fr. Pavone has been vindicated. I pray as well for Mel Gibson’s healing and reconciliation with Rome, and I hope to that Fr. Corapi will be reconciled with the Church, if he is indeed away. The Church on earth needs his talent and preaching.

  50. How quick so many were to condemn Father Corapi. He MUST be guilty, they say. This man was in the public eye for so many years, that it “just so happened” that when a woman was fired from Santa Cruz media, struck another employee in the face and threatened to take down Father Corapi, all these “truths” come out? Gee. Father must be Superman, to have the energy to carry out the grueling public speaking schedule he adhered to year after year, all the while carrying on a double-life of debauchery! I saw Father speak three times in five years and he was consistently wonderful each time. The eyes are the window to the soul, and Father’s eyes showed nothing but kindness, most notably twelve days before my husband’s death, when he wrote him a note of well wishes that meant so much to a young man about to lose his life to brain cancer. Judge not, lest you be judged. This defaming woman not only punished Father, she punished the rest of us as well. May God show her more mercy than she showed Father. Shame on her!

  51. Let me preface this by saying that I grew up in South Florida in the 1940’s and our home was considered the “second rectory” of our Parish. We always had a priest at our dinner table. It was a common thing to come home from school to find Father so-and-so wearing black trousers and a bright Hawiian shirt, sitting in a beach chair in ouor back yard reading a newspaper and drinking a beer. I grew up knowing priests were human beings.
    I attended one of Fr. Corapi’s last public appearances in Newark, N.J.. Up to that time, I had only seen him on TV and was impressed.
    When I originally sought tickets to this event, there was advertised a breakfast with Fr. Corapi. I was shocked to find that tickets to this event were $1,000.00. I was further horrified ro find that seats on the main floor averaged well over $100.00 and the cheap seats in the nose-bleed section were $75.00 each!
    Then, when I went to the room in his hotel, where his various tapes and CD’s were being sold and found they were priced like a rock stars works. His CD on the Catachism cost over $200.00. The cheapest item for sale was $75.00. This came as an enormous shock to me, who came from a Jesuit tradition where religious material was always free of cost. I talked to the lady running the booth and found that she was part of Fr. Corapi’s staff and lived in Minnesota in the same town as he did. That, in itself struck me as a bit odd, as I had never come across a priest with a personal staff.
    Then, I had an opportunity to see him backstage, just before he came out to preach. With all of his security an guards, it was like seeing a first rate rock and roll star or Hollywood personality….completely unlike any Priest, Bishop or Cardinal I have ever seen……I saw Pope John Paul II both at Yankee Stadium and when He visited St. Stanislaus B & M church in the East Village of NYC, and he did not have near the handlers or guards the Fr. Corapi had.
    Then, when he preached, it was a re-hash of a sermon I heard him give on TV and then on a CD. After his sermon, A Mass was celebrated by several local Priests, but Fr. Corapi did not participate.
    I left Newark with a great feeling of unease, because never before had I come across any priest that made our religion into a business. Therefore I was not too shocked when the end to his ministry came. I felt terrible about it because of all the people who believed in him and had their faith shaken.

    1. We have to pray & pray very hard for John Corapi. Those who had their faith shaken did not have a firm faith to begin with. The focus of our faith must be Jesus Christ. Please pray this Lent for John Corapi’s soul to be converted & saved. Please offer up a fast or a Mass or a rosary for the conversion/salvation of his soul. He needs to be saved from his addictions!!

  52. I will also continue praying for Fr. Corapi.
    I have always been Catholic and for a time in my life I became a drug addict but even when I was in the mist of all that trash I wore my scapular and I would cry and ask God to help me make it out of that lifestyle–I would be crying and asking for God’s forgiveness as I was sticking that needle in my arm–filling my veins with liquid demons.
    Through God’s love and mercy and grace and the love and prayers from my family I did find my way back–that was almost 13 yrs ago. So when I first heard Fr. Corapis testimony I thought–Now that is the kind of priest I need–someone who truly hasd been where I was with the street life and addiction as well as being a Catholic
    His mother never stopped praying for him just like my mom never stopped praying for me–it is great to come from a family where the mom is a devote Catholic-.
    Well God had plans for Fr. Corapi and so did His Holy Mother and God used Fr. to bring so many to Christ.
    I think –because I chose to believe that Fr. was such a powerful warrior for Christ and Our Blessed Mother that satan was really ticked off–the devil had him years ago and he broke free the the demons of drugs addiction greed and womens.
    I believe that the devil attacked Fr. again so we–all of us Catholics weather you care for Fr. or not but as Catholics we are ALL called to pray–to intercede –to fight and our prayers are the spiritual bullets the rosary the chaplets are the weapons we need to fight back –through our intercession on Fr. behalf not matter what he is going through –will help him and help his spirit to grow strong again–to bring him back to where Christ has called him.
    Fr. Corapi–if you are reading this from where ever you are –God Bess You -May our beautiful Blessed Mother wrap you in her mantle –may your body mind and soul be totally healed
    Your intercessors will go to battle on your behave –You need to come back and be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ–

    1. So glad so many others are praying forFr. He really does need all our prayers. Thanks for responding in a positive way. God bless you.

  53. maybe the laity of the catholic church who wants to get to the bottom of all this, need to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of Father John Corapi and reveal that which has been concealed from the members in the pew. Just a thought.

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