Just two short notes on comments here:

All first time comments must be approved (i.e. the first-time you comment on this blog). Thereafter, your comments automatically appear, unless of course you change of your details (like name, e-mail address etc.). Then it counts as a first-time comments and must be approved.

Why? Because people can say really horrible things when they disagree with you. And it’s a shifting process. ‘Trolls’ leave when they are stopped at the door. That’s not to say I will not delete an erring comment. The prerogative so to do is mine. This is a Christian blog and will reflect as such. Things that are sure to get your comment immediately sent into cyber-oblivion are:

1)    Insulting a holy, pure and perfect God (that includes His Son).

2)    Hate-speech.

3)    You are free to disagree with me but please: No vulgarities or offensive personal insults directed towards me or others will be tolerated.

Generally I don’t like to police the comments section but it is helpful to remember that you are a guest here. You will be treated as such. Behave as is befitting a guest.

Secondly, I’m off to sleep. It is 23:30 local time. If you’re behind us (South Africa, GMT+2) in, say, the USA (where most of this blog’s visitors stay) or Canada then I’ll only get to see your post at about 04:30. That’s about 5 hours during which your comment (again, if you are a first-time commentator) will hang. Please bear with me. As William Blake put it: ‘Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.’ As soon as I rise and have done those devotions as necessary to the soul, your comment will be attended to.

Thanks, again, for visiting, understanding and bearing with me in the above.

With blessings.


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