Download: Bloodlines – Race, Cross and the Christian, for Free

Speaking of reads, here is one for that you can get for free:

Bloodlines is one of the most autobiographical books I have written. It tells my story from racism to the path of redemption. I preached on the theme of Bloodlines yesterday to mark Martin Luther King weekend. The title of the message was “From Bloodlines to Bloodline.” I argued that God is calling his people to move from the alienation of many bloodlines to the reconciliation of the single bloodline that began on the cross of Christ.

I urged my people to read the book. Not because I care about selling books, but because I want them to know my story, to be aware to the global relevance of the issue, and to feel the hope that comes from the power of the gospel.

In making the book available in a PDF version online for free we are trying to remove every obstacle that might keep you from that experience.

Chapter six is the one I tried to unpack in this week’s message (to be posted shortly). It is close to the center of the Gospel’s relevance for perseverance in the cause of Christ-exalting ethnic diversity.

It may be relevant to us here in South Africa too, given our history of racism.

Again, download it in pdf. here.



4 thoughts on “Download: Bloodlines – Race, Cross and the Christian, for Free

  1. We all have at least forms of racism, i.e. culture, and the way we were raised, etc. Only God and His Word (“spirit & truth”) can challenge our hearts in this area! So certainly no social norms in and by themselves can change the human heart!

      1. Thanks Fr. Stephen, my sweet wife was simply beside herself lastnight! I guess I should not have let her see or read it, but she is “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”. Her first “journey” on the blog, and it was “move over and let me type”! She’s Irish too. 😉

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