Altar from Episcopal Church Ends Up on eBay for $49,500

Is this what the Episcopal Church has been reduced to?!

An altar from the shuttered St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jersey City has turned up on eBay, for sale by a New York importer at a nearly $50,000 price tag.

The eight-foot-high altar has an inscription on the bottom in memory of Edward F.C. Young, a banker and power broker who was one of the most influential people in Jersey City at the end of the 19th Century.

Young attended St. John’s, where he was a vestryman, and he and his family were major church benefactors, said Dennis Doran, the former senior warden at St. John’s and a current member of the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy.

The inscription to Young on the altar, donated to the church when Young died in 1908, makes it of inestimable historic value, according to Doran.

“It ought to be in Jersey City, along with the pulpit and the lectern, which were also memorials to Young,” he said.

The 137-year-old Summit Avenue church closed in 1991. Since then, it has been the focus of a battle between the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, which wants it demolished, and folks like Doran who want the historic structure preserved…

Sad. Selling altars on eBay.

But I must wonder… Any Continuing Anglicans (with the necessary $) interested in saving the once sacred? It sure looks like a magnificent altar…




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