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Via Anglican Samizdat, The Garden Shed Church Movement:

An Anglican priest in the UK wasn’t happy with the liberal drift of the Church of England, so he has converted his garden shed into a church.

His new church is part of the Orthodox Church, but the idea could be adopted by displaced Anglicans who have lost their buildings in Canada. We’ve exhausted  the fads of the Emerging Church, the Missional Church, the loony fringe Prophetic Social Justice Making Church, now we have finally arrived at the Garden Shed Church.

From here:

St Fursey’s is so small the holy processions carried out during each service only take worshippers ten steps along and two steps across.

There is no room to sit and after services the congregation step through a door into the priest’s living room for a cup of coffee.

But the Antiochian Orthodox church – very similar to the Greek Orthodox but English speaking – is an official place of worship after it was blessed by a bishop.


Father Weston served as an Anglican priest with the Church of England for 20 years before he became disillusioned with its ideals at the age of 50.

He says he was upset with the direction the Anglican Church was heading and admitted the ordination of women to the priesthood was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

Stephen switched to the Orthodox Church and short of an English-speaking venue, decided to build his own in the village of Sutton, Norfolk, in 1998.

I wouldn’t mind a chapel looking like this in my garden!


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