Woolworths Guilty of Good Old-fashioned Plagiarism

Woolworths has been left red-faced by the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) ruling on Wednesday that found it had wilfully contravened advertising standards by plagiarising aspects of Frankie’s Olde Soft Drink Company.

The ASA has ordered Woolworths to withdraw its packaging immediately.

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Bishops to Distribute Cards Declaring the Faith

A card communicating that its carrier is a baptised Catholic will be distributed nationally on behalf of the bishops of England and Wales.

The Catholic Bishops Conference for England and Wales are distributing one million cards to 24 dioceses including the Bishopric of the Forces and the Ordinariate in order to cultivate evangelisation among Catholics.

The credit-card-size resource features on one side a clear statement that the carrier is a Catholic and a list of six things that Catholics are called to do.

There is also a sentence that reads: ‘In the event of an emergency, please call a Catholic priest.’

The other side of the card has a quote from Blessed John Henry Newman, focusing on the call to serve and affirming that everyone has a mission.

Bishop Kieran Conry (Arundel and Brighton), Chair of the Bishops’ Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, said:

“We all carry a variety of cards in our purses and wallets which reflect something of our identity and the things that are important to us. The faith card for Catholics aims to offer a daily reminder of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We can’t summarise the whole of our faith in bullet points, but we hope that the card simply inspires people to do, read and learn more.”

The Bishop added: “The card is also designed to give Catholics confidence to share their faith – often people need help knowing what to say. Faith is a not a private matter…

The Catholic Herald has more here.



Tim Tebow Joins the Televangelists

UPDATE:  Tim Tebow has canceled his appearance with the prosperity pastors here.

NFL Quarter back, Tim Tebow, joins up with the TV heretics:

Really? Tim Tebow, Mr. Evangelical, is going to participate in a conference with Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley and other prosperity gospel ‘preachers’?

Say it ain’t so, Tebow?

Yes, get ready for it: Health, wealth and prosperity. Mega Church greed.

Me? I’d much rather be in the company of the prosperity gospel drop-outs:


South African Condom Failures Result in Massive Recall

I still maintain that the only way to prevent the transmission of HIV is through abstinence and fidelity in marriage.

LifeSite News:

1.35 millions condoms given out prior to celebrations put on by South Africa’s governing political party, the African National Congress, have been recalled due to complaints that the locally made prophylactics were defective.

Spokesman Jabu Mbalula of the health department of the province of Free State, which distributed the condoms before the Jan. 6-8 celebrations, said they had recalled the entire batch of 1,350,000 condoms around Jan. 18, according to an Associated Press report.

South Africa’s AIDS Treatment Action Campaign spokesman Sello Mokhalipi said his organization lodged a complaint with the government after “we had people flocking in, coming to report that the condoms had burst while they were having sex,” adding that people were panicking because they themselves or their sex partners were infected with AIDSWe poured water into the condoms and they were leaking, not just in one place, they were leaking like a sieve,” Mokhalipi said, describing improvised tests carried out at the Treatment Action Campaign office in the city of Bloemfontein where the African National Congress celebration took place.

“People came from all over and probably took many away with them, so those condoms are now all over the country,” Mokhalipi said.

The government has had to recall leaky condoms in the past. A 2007 recall of 20 million defective condoms manufactured locally was traced to a testing manager at the South African Bureau of Standards having taken a bribe to certify the faulty condoms. In 2008 another 5 million defective condoms reportedly had to be recalled.

Health department spokesman Mbalula confirmed to the media that all the condoms handed out by his department were from shipments that had been quality tested by the South African Bureau of Standards.

South Africa has the highest number of AIDS cases in the world, reported to be 5.6 million. The government’s efforts to reduce the number of infections by distributing hundreds of millions of free condoms have had little effect.

Dr. Edward Greene, the former director of the AIDS research project at Harvard University, said in a Vatican Radio interview about the African AIDS epidemic last June that in populations where HIV is not restricted to prostitutes but is found in the general population, condoms are counterproductive. “Condoms have never been found to be used consistently in any general population.”

“We now know that having multiple concurrent sexual partners is what drives the so-called hyper epidemics of southern and east Africa. So, discouraging multiple concurrent partners is the single most important intervention on behavior change that will bring down HIV rates,” Dr. Greene said.

“Condoms have not proven to work very well,” he concluded.

Yes, they are but another lie of the Devil!




Traditional Anglican Communion Has Begun the Process of Reform

Over at the English Catholic:

Canon Ian Gray has published his January Newsletter for the faithful of the TTAC. The complete text in pdf format is found here. After questions related to the lamentable spiritual condition of England, we find the part most of interest to us.

* * *

The TAC, the largest Continuing Anglican Communion in the world has begun the process of reform within itself, in order that it makes itself a much more visible and active force for the common good throughout the world. Reform can only commence once there is acknowledgement that change is required to affect such reforms as are necessary to bring about meaningful change.

TTAC, a member Church of the TAC has to be a part of that same process if it is too have a meaningful future presence that allows it to make a useful contribution to the National debate of which I mentioned earlier.

The process for TTAC is about to commence, let us all hope and pray that the outcome will help in changing for the common good of all the future direction of this Nation and the world and that during 2012 hope begins to dispel fear.

May Almighty God Bless You all Yours in Christ Jesus,

Father Ian+

Oddly, at the end of this letter, we find the note from the site webmaster, Fr Michael Gray (as opposed to Canon Ian by the same surname):

Note from webmaster: the opinion that TAC has begun a process of reform is disputed.

Now why would he do that?