Israel Antiquities Authority National Treasures Online

In via BibleX:

I am not sure how long this has been out, but being able to view the Israel Antiquities Authority treasures online is new to me. You can apparently explore the site various ways, but I have found the archaeological periods page here the easiest to navigate. Each object has a photograph and brief description.

Very nice!



The Failures of Newman

Fr Peter Cornwell was the vicar of St Mary’s–the University Church at Oxford during my time there. He resigned, like Newman before him, to become a Catholic, and was one of the first married former Anglican priests in England.

Cornwell writes here on the failures and disappointments that Newman experienced in the Catholic Church. If you are not at once thrilled with the Catholic Church and find it all heavy going and difficult. Take heart. The great Newman was misunderstood, blocked, ostracized and undermined whenever he tried to do anything in the Catholic Church.

So take heart. What did you expect–a bed of roses or a crown of thorns?




The Earliest Manuscript of Mark’s Gospel?

Near Emmaus:

According to Daniel B. Wallace the earliest manuscript of the Gospel of Mark has been discovered (see “Ehrman vs. Wallace: Round Three”). He writes the following in reference to a recent debate he had with Bart D. Ehrman:

“We have as many as eighteen second-century manuscripts (six of which were recently discovered and not yet catalogued) and a first-century manuscript of Mark’s Gospel! Altogether, more than 43% of the 8000 or so verses in the NT are found in these papyri. Bart had explicitly said that our earliest copy of Mark was from c. 200 CE, but this is now incorrect. It’s from the firstcentury. I mentioned these new manuscript finds and told the audience that a book will be published by E. J. Brill in about a year that gives all the data. (In the Q & A, Bart questioned the validity of the first-century Mark fragment. I noted that a world-class paleographer, a man who had no religious affiliation and thus was not biased toward an early date, was my source. Bart said that even so, we don’t have thousands of manuscripts from the first century! That kind of skepticism is incomprehensible to me.)”

It will be interesting to see what the scholarly community says about this in the months to come.