Prop 8 Declared Unconstitutional, Court Rules

Yet it comes as no surprise:

The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold Judge Walker’s radical decision overturning Prop 8 comes as no surprise,” said Catholics for the Common Good President William B. May.

“We always knew this case would be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Now that the Ninth Circuit has rendered its decision, the case can finally move to the U.S. Supreme Court where it will be decided on sound legal arguments rather than the emotional appeals by those trying to obliterate the only institution that unites children with their moms and dads.”

“The author of the decision, Judge Stephen Reinhardt, is one of the most overturned judges in the most overturned court in the U.S.”

According to Prop 8 Legal Defense General Counsel Andy Pugno, this decision “is completely out of step with every other federal appellate and Supreme Court decision in American history on the subject of marriage.” will immediately file its appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“It is outrageous that judges continue to disregard the will of 7 million voters who voted to protect the centrality and integrity of marriage for children and society,” May said.

Federal District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker presided over a show trial about marriage in which plaintiff’s counsel trotted out witness after witness with emotional arguments in a PR attempt to re-argue Proposition 8.

“Failing to disclose that the judge himself was similarly situated as the plaintiffs (in a long-term committed relationship with a same-sex partner), Walker could find no rational reason for the voters to define marriage between a man and a woman and concluded they were bigoted and discriminatory,” said May.

“To reach his judgment about the voters and his decision to strike down Prop 8, he created a new definition of marriage as merely the public recognition of a committed relationship for the benefit of adults. However, the voters of California know that marriage is much more than that. It is the reality that unites a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union. This is what marriage is; that is what it does. It is a reality that can only be recognized by law and never changed.”


Bible Archaeology

Iron Age Fortress Unearthed at Ashdod

Archeologists make new finds at the Hill of Jonah.

Wall ruin dating from seventh, eight centuries indicates there was life at Ashdod site during prophet’s time.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

An archeological find at the Hill of Jonah near Ashdod may prove that the area had been occupied during the time when archeologists believe Jonah the prophet walked the Earth.

Archeologists have discovered the remains of massive walls, possible the remains of a fortress, that were dated to the late eighth and early seventh centuries BCE, the Israeli Antiquities Authority announced on Monday.

The find is significant because the discovery of life at the site, which is traditionally the landmark site for the tomb of Jonah for both Muslims and Jews, indicates that there was human activity at the coastal hill during the time of Jonah.

Excavation director Dmitir Egrov estimated that the fortress likely stood on the hill overlooking the glistening Mediterranean sea during the First Temple Period. Jonah, who is believed to have lived in the eighth century BCE, was active during this same time period, according to Egrov.

Sa’ar Ganor, the Ashkelon District Archaeologist of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said that the occupying power at the time would have built a fortress on the Hill of Jonah because of its strategic location.

The hill rises some 50 meters above sea level – the highest hill in the area – and probably looked out to an ancient port and Tel Ashdod, according to Ganor.

Ganor said either the Assyrians or the kingdom of Judah probably developed the area.

“There are two possibilities regarding who inhabited the fortress at that time: one possibility is that it was controlled by the Assyrians who were the regional rulers in the Iron Age. Another possibility is that Josiah, king of Judah, occupied the fort at the time, who we know conquered territory from the Assyrians and controlled Ashdod-Yam in the seventh century BCE”.

The find joins a previous discovery in the adjacent area, which was excavated before the construction of the modern Ashdod lighthouse. There, similar wall remains dated to the First Temple and Persian periods were inscribed with an Aramic phrase apparently denoting a financial, religious offering.

And in the Daily Mail:

Proof that the ‘Hill of Jonah’ – or Giv’at Yonah’ – was occupied at the time the prophet is said to have existed has been uncovered by archaeologists.

It is thought that he was buried at the coastal site in Ashdod, Israel, and now the foundation of an ancient fortress with one-metre-wide walls has been exposed in an excavation there by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which dates the remains to the First Temple period – 850 to 586 BC.

It verifies the existence of life there during the time of the eighth-century prophet, who according to Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures, defied God and spent three nights in the belly of a fish or whale as punishment before being released…

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Woman, Survives after Reading the Bible to her Attacker

A Bible may have helped a woman survive in the face of a horrific crime.

Last Wednesday, Lindsay Wood, a 32-year-old woman from Shelby, North Carolina, had only just returned from Bible study when an intruder walked into her home, ABC affiliate WSOC reported. Then, without an apparent motive, the attacker slit her throat.

Wood’s son was out dropping off the trash. When he saw what was happening, he hid behind the side of the house.

“She told (the attacker) please not to hurt her, that she loved the Lord and her son,” neighbor Faye Cooke told WSOC.

When no amount of pleading worked, Wood started reading to the man from the Bible.

“She even invited him to her church,” Shelby Police Capt. Rick Stafford told the Shelby Star.

After about an hour and a half, the man apologized and left.

Wood is now in hospital on a ventilator and a feeding tube, according to the Gaston Gazette.




US State Department: Tourists to Israel Advised to Dress Modestly

Jerusalem: The U.S. State Department is advising visitors to Jerusalem to dress modestly when visiting certain neighborhoods, or to avoid the areas entirely, in hopes of not provoking local sensitivities.

The State Department guidance did not specify which neighborhoods are considered problematic, or what, exactly, constitutes “modest” attire.

The Jerusalem advisory, updated on Jan. 10, says travelers “should exercise caution at religious sites on holy days, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays” and “dress appropriately” when visiting ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods and the Old City of Jerusalem, where religious Jews, Muslims and Christians live in distinct quarters.

The warning notes that most roads into ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are blocked off on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Jewish holidays, and that “assaults on secular visitors, either for being in cars or for being ‘immodestly dressed’ have occurred in these neighborhoods.”

The advisory was added to the State Department’s website for travel to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. It comes in the wake of many recent incidents in which ultra-Orthodox Jewish extremists physically or verbally attacked women they said were dressed immodestly…

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