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Catholic Bishops Respond to Obama’s Compromise

Bishops Studying Initial White House Movement on Religious Liberty. USCCB: New opportunity to dialogue with executive branch Too soon to tell whether and how much improvement on core concerns Commitment to religious liberty for all means legislation still necessary Washington … Continue reading

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Holy Sepulcher, a 3D Journey Back in Time

The following video illustrates the different phases of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher moving backwards in time from the Crusades until Crucifixion. Here is the information from the site: A journey back in time to tell the story of … Continue reading

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Bringing Ex-Anglicans Into the Catholic Fold

The Rev. Jeffrey Steenson’s colleagues joke that during the past several years, he’s gone from a church heretic to a hierarch. Even though he has been a Catholic priest for only about three years, Steenson was Pope Benedict’s pick to … Continue reading

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Judean Desert Draws Tourists

OBL News: Located between Jerusalem and Jericho, the Judean Desert provided an inspiration to thousands of hermits who lived here in the early Middle Ages. With its breathtaking, rugged beauty, it was the perfect setting for those searching spiritual fullness … Continue reading

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Muslim Council in Egypt Evicts 8 Christian Families, Seizes their Property

AINA reports: National and international rights groups have consistently criticized the recourse to the so-called “reconciliation meetings” — dubbed “Bedouin sittings” — that take place between Copts and Muslim assailant after every attack on Copts. The meetings are conducted under the … Continue reading

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An Episcopal ‘Bishop’ Takes a Shot at Rome and Fleeing Anglicans

Writes John over at Ad Orientem: It really is one of the more petty things I have seen written by a supposed member of the clergy.  I won’t excerpt or quote it.  If interested you can read it all here. For … Continue reading

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Episcopal Church in Sharp Decline

First printed in The Church of England Newspaper. A statistical analysis presented to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church on 27 January 2012 reports the American church has experience a traumatic decline in all quantifiable areas of church life … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro to be Received Back into the Catholic Church?

Fidel Castro will be received back into the communion of the Roman Catholic Church during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the island in March, the Italian press is reporting. If true, this is a remarkable story — and one that … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Sins

G. K. Chesterton once wrote about being asked the following question, “Why did you join the Church of Rome?” Chesterton was an agnostic in his youth, then was an Anglican for many years before entering the Catholic Church in 1922. … Continue reading

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Roadblocks Appearing for the Ordinariate

Former Anglicans who subsequently entered the Roman Catholic Church before Pope Benedict XVI may join the Anglican Ordinariate, a Catholic bishop has confirmed.  However, concerns that roadblocks are being thrown up by the Catholic hierarchy may dampen enthusiasm for the … Continue reading

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