Where We Got the Bible: The Development of the Canon

A podcast by Dr Michael Barber, well worth listening to:

In this podcast I cover the story of how we got the Bible–specifically, we look at way the Canon of Scripture was formed? Below you’ll find the pdf of notes and outline for the material covered. You can follow along here if you’d like.

Which books were “Scripture” for the Jews in Jesus’ day? Why are there seven extra books in Catholic Bibles? Did the Catholic Church add these books? What about the “Lost Gospels”? Why aren’t they accepted as Scripture?

Here we begin to answer all of these questions. I hope you enjoy it.

Listen on iTunes or click the link below. Look for more information on this podcast over at the corresponding post at

More here.


One thought on “Where We Got the Bible: The Development of the Canon

  1. Reblogged this on Carissimi and commented:
    Very interesting and well worth a listen! I always think it useful to remember that the Bible as we know it came to us from the Church’s Tradition i.e. from the Tradition of the Church was the Bible codified and by those very same folk who confirmed and established the core Christian doctrines in those early centuries of the Church’s existence…

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