Holy See Approves First Liturgical Resources for Ordinariate

A press release from the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham:

The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has published a Decree permitting the use of the Revised Standard Version (Second Catholic Edition) for liturgical use in the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

This edition of the Holy Bible allows those Catholics originally from the Anglican tradition, to worship using a version of scripture which is familiar to them. It also promotes the English Bible tradition and recent efforts to renew Catholic liturgy with more accurate translations.

Alongside this, the Congregation has also approved and confirmed the Proper Liturgical Calendar of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, which retains certain celebrations in the Church year that are significant to those from the Anglican tradition. The Calendar reflects very closely the General Roman Calendar used across the Catholic Church in England & Wales, but also makes use of some older titles, such as ‘Sundays after Trinity’.

These developments represent the first of the liturgical resources to be approved by the Holy See for former Anglicans who have entered the full communion of the Catholic Church.

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI published the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus,, which allows ‘groups of Anglicans’ to come into communion with the Holy See, whilst retaining important aspects of their tradition and heritage.

Monsignor Keith Newton, the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, commented on the news:

“This is very welcome. For the Ordinariate to make a distinctive contribution to Catholic life and witness in England & Wales, these liturgical resources are essential. They show – as Pope Benedict has recently said – how traditions (small ‘t’) can thrive within the wider Tradition (capital ‘T’) of the Catholic Church”.

The Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition is not a new Bible. You can check it out on here.

Wikipedia has a detailed entry on it here.

I own a copy and must say that it is a really good version.



Priests to Test World’s Only Paradrop Church

From the very cool department comes:


Priests with the Russian Airborne Troops will take a crash course next week to operate the world’s only paradrop Orthodox Christian church, the military said.

The one-week course for the priests, many of whom are experienced paratroopers with more than 500 jumps, will take place at an airborne troops facility in Ryazan region in central Russia, a Defense Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Orthodox Christianity has many rituals utilizing many religious items, which makes catering to the flock without a church impossible, the senior priest for the Airborne Troops, Archpriest Mikhail Vasilyev, told RIA Novosti.

The paradrop church comes complete with nonbreakable religious items, a crate to carry them, as well as a diesel generator, air conditioning, refrigerator and a multimedia unit complete with a mini-theater booth and projector, the military said.

The number of Orthodox Christians among airborne troops grew 10 percent to reach 90 percent of all paratroopers since last fall, the military said.




Catholic Herald: Breakaway Anglicans Reject Pope’s Offer

‘Reject Pope’s offer’… The word ‘reject’ is an ugly, negative word.

Well the Catholic Herald, Britain’s leading Catholic newspaper, has caught up with the discomforting news:

The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), the world’s largest breakaway group of Anglicans, has announced that it will not be joining a Personal Ordinariate.

The move represents an remarkable turnaround. Five years ago the group sent a letter to Rome asking for “full, corporate and sacramental union”.

At a meeting near Johannesburg, South Africa, the group’s bishops deposed its primate, Archbishop John Hepworth. They voted unanimously that he “cease to hold the office of primate immediately”.

In a statement the bishops said there was a “strong feeling” at the meeting that “a new direction had been taken by the TAC”.

They said the meeting was “long overdue”. Their statement said: “Over the past two years, several members of the College of Bishops had requested of the primate an urgent meeting of the college. Anglicanorum coetibus or the Apostolic Constitution, for example, had never been discussed or debated within the College of Bishops. Meetings of the College of Bishops had, in fact, been scheduled at least twice over the past two years.

“Most recently, a meeting was called by the TAC primate for mid-2011. This meeting was cancelled abruptly by the primate. Accordingly, the meeting in Johannesburg was voted to be the overdue meeting of the College of Bishops,” the bishops said.

They said they had appointed Archbishop Samuel Prakash, one of the TAC’s founders, as acting primate.

Archbishop Hepworth announced in December that he would step down this year, saying that “considerable dissension” had arisen within the TAC.

Earlier last year he alleged that he had been sexually abused and raped by two priests while he was a seminarian and young Catholic priest in southern Australia. The Melbourne archdiocese has apologised and given him $75,000 in compensation, but the Archdiocese of Adelaide has dismissed his claims.

In 2007, at a meeting in Portsmouth, England, the TAC bishops agreed to send a letter to Rome asking to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. It was understood that they had accepted the teachings of the Catechism and that Archbishop Hepworth had offered to step down to the level of a priest.

The TAC says it has about 400,000 members and has branches in North America, Ireland, southern Africa, Australia, India and Japan.

What a shocker is the above report not?!

Oh, and ‘reject’ from the Oxford Dictionary:


Late Middle English: from Latin reject – ‘thrown back’, from the verb reicere, from re-‘back’ + jacere  ‘to throw’

It’s been a terrible day for the Church in the global press.

Remember, faithful, we are in Lent.

Pray… Abstain… Sacrifice… Alms Giving.

Better yet, maybe we ought to be walking around in sackcloth and ashes…with our heads hanging in shame.

Just saying.



Archbishop Rowan Williams and Pope Benedict XVI to Celebrate Vespers Together

On Saturday coming:

Vatican City — The Archbishop of Canterbury will pray together with Pope Benedict XVI in a rare gesture of unity on Saturday despite simmering resentment over the Catholic Church’s move to recruit Anglicans.

Anglican leader Rowan Williams and the pope will celebrate vespers together in the monastery of San Gregorio al Celio near the Colosseum in Rome and a stone Celtic cross brought from Canterbury will be put up in the church.

Late pope John Paul II held ecumenical prayers with the Anglican archbishop’s predecessors Robert Runcie in 1989 and George Caregy in 1996.

There have been tensions, however, following Benedict’s move in 2009 to set up special structures in Britain and the United States to allow disgruntled conservative Anglican clergymen and faithful to join the Roman Catholic Church.

But Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the prayers, as well as two joint performances by the choirs of Westminster Abbey and the Vatican later this month, were “a sign of moving together along the same path.”

The San Gregorio monastery of Camaldolese monks has developed close ties with the Anglican Church since it was from here that pope Gregory the Great sent out 40 monks in the sixth century to evangelise Britain.



From Australia: Traditional Anglicans Reject Vatican Offer to Join Up

On National Radio (no less):

In South Africa at the weekend, a group of bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) met. The TAC is made up of Anglicans who have broken away from the mainstream church, largely over the issue of women priests. In mainland Australia, the TAC is small, with about 20 parishes. But its leader, Archbishop John Hepworth, has been in the forefront of a push for traditional Anglicans to become part of the Catholic Church. And the Vatican has, to an extent, obliged, setting up the Anglican Ordinariate. But in Johannesburg on Friday, 12 of the 20 active bishops of the communion voted not only to reject the Vatican’s offer but also to remove Archbishop Hepworth as primate. (He was planning to stand down in May but he has been pushed out early.) David Virtue is a journalist who edits the conservative-leaning website Virtue Online — billed as ‘the voice for global Orthodox Anglicanism’ — and he keeps a close eye on developments within the communion. Meanwhile, not all members of the Traditional Anglican Communion accept the decision of the bishops meeting in Johannesburg, including lay Canon Cheryl Woodman, registrar of the TAC in Australia.

So David Virtue and Cheryl Woodman are interviewed, and what they have to say is very interesting. Listen further here.

Download the clip here (mp3) to spend some more time with it.

I’ll reserve comment.

You just go listen.

UPDATE:  And still more bad news.