Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams on his Meeting with Pope Benedict XVI Today

Vatican Radio:

Pope Benedict received in audience on Saturday morning the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Dr Rowan Williams, at the start of his 3 day visit to Italy. According to the Anglican leader, the discussions focused on “a shared sense of deep anxiety” about the situation of Christians in the Middle East and a look ahead at the theological reflections that Dr Williams will be offering the Synod of Bishops next October. They also talked “quite animatedly” about a recent lecture the Archbishop gave in Geneva on how to connect Christian theology with human rights. After the audience Philippa Hitchen sat down with the Anglican leader to talk about their meeting, about current concerns in the Church of England, including the Anglican covenant, legislation on women bishops and the forthcoming diamond jubilee of Queen Elisabeth, as well as about the concept of monastic values as a key to ecumenical progress…..

Listen here (mp3).

His homily at Papal Vespers, San Gregorio Magno al Celio, can be read here.



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