Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop Rowan Williams Pray Together Over Differences



Of Ordinariates, the SSPX, & the Gravitational Pull

Fr Z:

Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity, has made it possible by his provision in Anglicanorum coetibus, for Anglicans to enter into Holy Church in new Ordinariates.  Their liturgical traditions are being codified and approved by the Holy See and implemented.  As my friend Fr. Blake points out:

Perhaps the deepest liturgical changes are those which affect the calendar, so it is interesting that Rome’s latest moves on the liturgical front is to restore the more ancient usage, but for the Ordinariate.

  • As in England, Ordinary Time will no longer be referred to, being replaced by Sundays after Epiphany or Sundays after Trinity, [The later is an Anglican thing.  Romans talk about Sundays after Pentecost.] thus ensuring the whole liturgical year is now explicitly anchored and referenced to the mysteries of salvation.
  • The three “-gesima” Sundays are restored.
  • Rogation days before Ascension, and the Ember days in the four seasons of the year are restored.
  • The Octave of Pentecost is restored, [Huzzah! Huzzay!  See my PODCAzTs about the Octave.] to be marked properly except for the readings which will be of the particular weekday.

Already the Ordinariate have announced its liturgy should be eastward facing.

The liturgical rites of the Ordinariate will exert a “Gravitational Pull” on the rites of the Roman Church.

Imagine what impact the influx of priests of the SSPX could have on the revitalization of our liturgical worship?

The establishment of Ordinariates for Anglicans simply has herald what would be possible for the SSPXers.

I have a sensation in my bones, much as I do when weather changes, that something might be coming along soon from the Holy See about the SSPX.  May I ask you to stop and say a prayer NOW for they reconciliation as a group?

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help or sought Thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to Thee do I come, before Thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petition, but in Thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.


10 Die in Egypt while Digging for Ancient Treasures


CAIRO — Ten people were killed when the soil caved in on them as they were illegally digging for ancient treasures under a house in a central Egyptian village, police officials told AFP on Monday.

The 10, including four brothers, were buried alive when the walls of the dig collapsed in the village of Arab al-Manasra, north of the historic city of Luxor.

Rescue services were working to recover the bodies, the official said, adding that two people were also injured in the incident.

Ambitions of making money quickly have incited many to turn to illegal archaeological digging, particularly in antiquities-rich locations such as Luxor, Aswan and Cairo.

“We have to work on many levels to stop these get-rich-quick schemes, where people are digging for an illusion,” Mansur Boreik, head of the Luxor antiquities department told AFP.



Still More On the ‘TAC-itanic’

To an article, What of the TAC? that we posted on yesterday, Fr Anthony Chadwick  – who has been very quiet and calm of late – adds:

This is interesting. I have heard very little about what Archbishop Hepworth wants to do. I gather he might get together a meeting, perhaps in England, as he suggested earlier on this blog in a comment.

Knowing the Archbishop as I do, I doubt he has any intention of putting up an ecclesiastical jurisdiction, since he is retiring from the Primacy, but establishing some kind of group to discern the future in a different way. He positively encourages those who are so inclined to join the Ordinariates and seems not to be of a mind to adopt a “classical Anglican” position. It all seems woolly, but something makes sense to someone.

Anyway, here is the article What of the TAC? Read the whole article in its place.

The article clarifies what some of us have known for a long time, namely that the Roman Catholic Church is not buying second-hand cars, but will accept spare parts to build cars of its own brand. Of course, the analogy is not difficult to understand. Rome was not going to have the TAC, or any part of the Anglican Communion, but was prepared to accept individual priests and laity to create groups within RC jurisdictions – either Ordinariates where established or regular territorial dioceses. The concept is new, but it is as far as the RC Church was prepared to go. Previous RC clerics and those with matrimonial irregularities would be excluded as would be cradle Roman Catholics. I have said this before, and this fact is being confirmed ever more clearly.

Archbishop Hepworth is not a liar or a fraud, nor is he mentally ill. He just misjudged the whole thing from the start – unless he was deceived by persons unknown. But, I tend to avoid conspiracy theories. Whoever sunk the TAC-itanic or drove her onto the rocks, the effect is beginning to be seen in the light of day.

The Roman Catholic Church has decided to apply the rules rigorously – as it has the right to do so. That is not my problem, and I am far from the only person who can only reply that I do not care. Millions of people leave the Roman Catholic Church, whether they are not interested in religion and are materialists, or because they have been burned and are open to a different spiritual expression if ever they find one. The usual alternatives are tired out and trashed by usage. We can only wait and see. It is no use chasing after illusions.

Posterity is likely to scapegoat Archbishop Hepworth, as people believe of the Roman Catholic Church that it cannot be wrong, so therefore is not wrong. That is a clear travesty of justice. Those bishops who have now repudiated him think they will return to business as before, but the “New TAC” will not be like the old one as we all belong to in October 2007.

I frankly don’t believe any reflection group set up by Archbishop Hepworth and a few others not joining the Ordinariate and not belonging to the “New TAC” will have much influence, but we must keep an open mind. We must go to the bitter end, and then things will become completely clear. Perhaps by this summer, it would be time to call vocations and beliefs into question and plot other courses in life. Perhaps we need to look towards our origins and consider the prices of our “religious enthusiasm” and our “cultural roots”. The questions for some will become so fundamental that we may need that much more time for retreat and discernment. For some, the answers will not come this side of death, and this will be our Passion and Cross.

I have felt particularly “down” and lacking in energy since my return from England, though I was very encouraged that no one is going to be jumping into anything in a hurry. There were no clear answers at that meeting in England – just what I expected, since it was merely an exploratory session. The Anglicans wait for the final Synod vote in July and whether there will be provision for the minority, the test of comprehensiveness and unity in diversity. Otherwise they have to leave their Church, roots, jobs, homes and everything to graft onto a viable Church that would allow them to continue more or less as before…

More here.



New Website for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Launched

By the Custody of the Holy Land:

The site, with enhanced graphics, offers numerous updated materials in four languages ― Italian, English, Spanish, French ― along with a rich selection of images and downloadable photos of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The contents, organized thematically in a simple and intuitive manner, will accompany visitors in their discovery and understanding of the single most important place in all Christianity.

One of the highlights of the site is the Virtual Photo Tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a fascinating tool which allows everyone to visit the church, entering into the architectural areas and the sacredness itself of the place. Using the player on the Home Page one can follow all the events of Easter 2012 in Jerusalem, thanks to the videos produced by the Franciscan Media Center. In addition, the news box allows one to always keep up to date on the latest news from the Custody and the Holy Land.

The unveiling of the site is the first stage of a larger Project for renovating the Internet sites of the Sanctuaries, a project designed to assist pilgrims coming to the Holy Land, as well as all those who are simply looking for information on the Sanctuaries.


To see and touch the very places that were themselves touched and transformed by Christ’s presence is a desire shared by all Christians. Since the very beginning, Christians have come to the Holy Land to tread upon, and follow in, the footsteps of Jesus’ disciples.

The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, which has the responsibility for caring for the Sanctuaries and welcoming pilgrims, also wishes to accompany the faithful in their discovery and learning about the Holy Places via the Web. For this purpose, it is carrying out a Project for renovating the Internet sites of the Sanctuaries which today sees the launch of the first site, dedicated to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The numerous contents offered on the site move through the “History” of the church, from its original construction at the wish of Emperor Constantine to the present-day coexistence among the Christian communities that officiate at the Tomb.

One section is dedicated to a “Visit” of the facility, allowing the visitor to undergo a 360o learning experience by means of a virtual photo tour and the wide range of information provided. The heart of the site is the section dedicated to “Spirituality” which allows one to review the evangelical facts that lead to the “empty tomb” of the Risen One and the Christian memories safeguarded within the church.

Finally, a series of passages selected from the works of both ancient and modern pilgrims is provided in the section “Testimonies”.

During the course of the next quarter we will be launching sites for the sanctuaries of Capernaum, Gethsemane, the Nativity and the Annunciation.

You can visit the website here.



South Africa May Get First Saint

Johannesburg – The Catholic Church will soon consider whether a South African man killed over 20 years ago should be proclaimed blessed – the first step towards sainthood – according to a Sunday Times report.

The man would be the first saint to be recognised from South Africa, the weekly asserted.

Bendict Daswa, a businessman and devout Roman Catholic from rural Limpopo, was murdered in February 1990, aged 46, after rejecting claims of the existence of witchcraft in his village, Mbahe, near Thoyohandou.

A group of villagers beat him with sticks and rocks and poured boiling water over him. He had refused to participate in hiring a witchdoctor to help find those responsible for a series of lightning strikes in the area.

Joao Rodrigues, bishop of Tzaneen, said the diocese had thoroughly investigated Daswa’s life and death and had sent a report to the Vatican.

“We believe he was killed in hatred of the faith which he professed privately and publicly,” Rodrigues told the paper.

His diocese is now in the process of putting together a more detailed document, known as a positio. This would include a biography, testimonies, and documents such as Daswa’s birth certificate.

The pope would make the final decision on Daswa’s case.

Daswa was described in the report as a man of prayer who had dedicated his life to the church.

News 24

The official blog promoting his memory is here.

It is nice when a Church is able to maintain an active Acta Sanctorum. Not only ever to celebrate the unchanging list of Saints living prior to the early 1900’s.



Priest who Refused Communion to Lesbian Buddhist Placed on Leave, Faculties Removed

[Background here.]

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo can no longer function as a priest in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Details below, courtesy Abbey Roads:

A reader told me that Fr. Marcel’s pastor read the above letter at all the Masses this weekend, and took pains to point out that it was unrelated to the communion controversy.

Stay tuned.  And keep all concerned in your prayers.

Source (and more)

Some bloggers are enraged at the news.

While the Huffington Post has:

Priest Who Denied Communion To Lesbian Suspended For ‘Intimidating Behavior’

 Read that here.