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South African Navy Festival Day

The South African Navy had a Festival Day earlier today and I was there. It was a wet and blustery day in the East Dockyard in Simon’s Town, but enjoyable nonetheless. Here are a few pics taken with the BlackBerry.  

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Msgr Keith Newton on Traditional Anglican Communion Priests Joining the Ordinariate

Did you receive many requests from the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), who had already split from the Anglican Church in the past? There are twenty or so priests who put in their request last year. We just had a response … Continue reading

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Will Rowan Williams Join the Ordinariate?

Since many are wondering (whispering), why not have a poll on the question? But first, here’s a little whisper: This Friday morning brings significant breaking news on the ecumenical front — six days after Rowan Williams’ latest meeting with B16 (above), Lambeth Palace has … Continue reading

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Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Resigns

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has announced he is to step down after ten years as he admitted that the row over homosexuality in the Church has been a “major nuisance”. Dr Williams, 61, will leave at the end of … Continue reading

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10 Incredibly Unusual Churches

You can check them out here. This is the See-through Church in #7:

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Is this Britain’s First Christian Burial?

Anglo Saxon grave reveals 16-year-old girl laid to rest with a gold cross The Daily Mail reports: Laid to rest in her best clothes and lying on an ornamental bed, she was probably of noble blood. Quite how the 16-year-old Anglo … Continue reading

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