Msgr Keith Newton on Traditional Anglican Communion Priests Joining the Ordinariate

Did you receive many requests from the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), who had already split from the Anglican Church in the past?

There are twenty or so priests who put in their request last year. We just had a response from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and five of them have been given a ‘nulla osta’. We are now in the process of discerning their vocation to be catholic priests.

Having the ‘nulla osta’ doesn’t guarantee your ordination. Most of them however, did not receive the ‘nulla osta’ for a variety of reasons: some of them have no lay faithful at all, some of them have irregular marriages, some of them have received very little training and were ordained after very short courses.

These TAC priests do not fulfill the necessary requirements. So one of the most important aspects is be that – even those TAC priests who are going to enter the Ordinariate – will be ordained at the end of the process, not at the beginning of it.

Source (and the whole interview).

HT:  Don Henri in a comment here.

You may in fact wish to read the entire post in which the comment was made, ‘The Traditional Anglican Church in England’, on Fr Anthony Chadwick’s blog here. It’s a bit tangled, but worth reading.



3 thoughts on “Msgr Keith Newton on Traditional Anglican Communion Priests Joining the Ordinariate

  1. I think your comprehension is a little off. It was not my article that was “tangled” but the interview given by Monsignor Newton. But, you are right – being eccentric keeps us sane.

    1. I would agree, Rome is the real “tangle”! It has sent double untundras again for quite sometime. But thank God for the British eccentricity, sadly it seems to be a dying breed, however. Hopefully I am wrong, and it might be renewed? And the old Anglican ethos of a certain individualism & freedom might live on, to degree!

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