Archbishop Charles Chaput: Make the Most of the Final Days of Lent

“Lent is a time for self-denial and prayer; a time to reconnect with  Scripture; a time to purify ourselves and reconcile with God through the  sacrament of penance,” wrote Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia in a  recent column. “It’s an invitation to humility,  forgiveness of others, honest self-examination and repentance — but also to  growing joy, because, with Easter, our redemption will be at hand.

“Lent is a precious time and gift; a unique chance to reorient our lives  toward those unseen but enduring things that really matter. This year, may God  grant us the wisdom to use these weeks of Lent well. May we remember that we  serve justice best by first giving ourselves to God, and then bringing the light  of Jesus Christ to others through the witness of our lives, our words and our  actions. There is no justice without truth; and only Jesus Christ is the way,  the truth and the life.”




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