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For March is out from Fr Ian Gray, Vicar General:

My Dear Friends,

I have delayed writing this letter whilst I received news from the Johannesburg meeting of the
Traditional Anglican Church College of Bishops.

I can now state that contrary to some reports, this meeting was not a meeting of a few Bishops, but a rather full and fully ratified College of Bishops meeting held in accordance with the Traditional Anglican Church concordat.

Archbishop John Hepworth’s resignation was verified and accepted with immediate effect, he was not deposed as some have suggested. With Archbishop Hepworths departure also came the ending of any appointments he made including those concerned with Episcopal oversight.

I understand that Bishop David Moyer will shortly be writing to us, he is fully aware of the outcomes of the meeting.

Archbishop Prakash has been appointed as our acting Primate and Bishop Michael Gill as the new secretary to the College of Bishops.

For Britain, Ireland, Kenya, Zambia and Japan, new Episcopal oversight appointments will shortly be announced.

The College of Bishops meeting witnessed a renewed and invigorated TAC with a strong emphasis on Mission and Evangelism as our Lord would have for His church.

I will write a more detailed report in my April News Letter including the news of all appointments.

I understand that Father Brian Gill my predecessor has been accepted for the Ordinariate. I would like to place on the record on behalf of us all, heartfelt thanks for the work he did as Vicar General during his time in office and for his steady and faithful witness. I wish him well for the future and pray that his Ministry be Blessed. I also wish to thank Ann, his wife for her unfailing support in the life and witness of the Church and the faithful that are Father Brian’s congregation.

May God Bless and Keep You All,

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Father Ian Vicar General.


Note from webmaster.

There is no point in repeating issues of contention. From Easter the situation will be as described for those remaining in TTAC. It is hoped that other arrangements will be made for those still on the way to the Ordinariate.

It is unlikely that I will make further postings, other than to remove known departing clergy and parishes from the list of contacts. It is for those remaining in TTAC to decide how to provide for the future internet needs of the body. An outsider cannot know what those needs are or how to meet them.

The above is in pdf. here.

Not much new.


3 thoughts on “TTAC Communication

  1. 2012 Ordinands for the ordinariate of OLW:
    Please note that this list was created using ordinariate medias (ordinariate website and various blogs), is not official, and as it was said that “more than 20” new Priests are to be ordained, more than 5 are not publically named yet). In brackets, the intended ordinariate group that this Priest will serve.

    From the Church of England:
    The Reverend Scott Anderson (London St James)
    The Reverend John Corbyn (Harlow)
    The Reverend Paul Gibbons (Maidstone)
    The Reverend Ian Grieves (Darlington)
    The Reverend Geoffrey Kirk (London Lewisham)
    The Reverend Paul Miller (Shropshire)
    The Reverend Donald Minchew (London Croydon)
    The Reverend John Masaki Narusawa (Lancashire)
    The Reverend Anthony Reader-Moore (Northampton)

    From The Traditionnal Anglican Church:
    The Reverend Brian Gill (Presteigne, Wales)
    The Reverend John Maunder (Portsmouth)

    From the Church in Wales:
    The Reverend Bernard Sixtus (Abergavenny, Wales)

    From the Scottish Episcopal Church:
    The Reverend Stanley Bennie (Stornoway, Scotland)

    From the Ordinariate of OLW:
    The Reverend James Bradley (London Balham)
    The Reverend Daniel Lloyd (Oxford)

    15 Priests, including 13 from 4 Anglican denominations, and 2 ordinariate transitional deacons.

  2. I had wondered about Dr Kirk. I knew he was Ordinariate bound but I couldn’t find any confirmation as to whether he had already entered the Ordinariate or not as he seems to have completely dropped off the radar in the last year.

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