English Catholic Blog is Gone Forever!

Writes Fr Anthony Chadwick on his other blog:

Some former readers of the English Catholic blog might come here to find out what happened. I have simply deleted the blog for my own spiritual health and peace of mind. Only two pages have been kept on the Wayback Machine archive, so that avenue will prove parsimonious for those who have not saved the blog to their hard disks.

I have saved the entire blog to my hard disk, and I am prepared to give copies of single articles on request. I keep it as an archive, which may one day prove useful to anyone writing a book on the history of the TAC, Continuing Anglicanism and the Ordinariates. The data and information have not been destroyed.

I have not done this on a whim or in anger, but after mature consideration. Time marches on and things change in life. It has been a hard battle, and my intention was educational and pastoral, but one cannot win out against bigotry and hatred. I therefore bring all discussions of Continuing Anglicanism and Anglicanism in the Roman Catholic Church (for want of a better generic expression) to a close. Those subjects are off-topic on this blog, both for me and for those who wish to write comments.

I will ban those whom I deem to be attempting to proselytise for any particular Church or ecclesial community. I will similarly sanction those who behave in the manner of trolls. I ask for little, simple that you behave as if we were in conversation in the physical presence of all involved. It is just a question of kindness and consideration for other people. Anonymity on the Internet is a source of great evil, and I will do everything possible to learn from my experience of the English Catholic. I am more street-wise now, so know what signs to look for.

As the Sun in its Orb is dedicated to liturgy, theology and religious culture, with an occasional spiritual reflection on my favourite non-religious hobby – sailing. I ask commenters and readers to help me keep this blog free of nastiness, bigotry, polemics and the factors that compelled me to close the English Catholic blog.



21 thoughts on “English Catholic Blog is Gone Forever!

  1. I came a bit late to the ‘English Catholic Blog’, but it was a place and forum for some “English” (British) and just Anglican ideas and information. I will miss the dialogue, and place to trade thoughts. The world we live in is very fallen, and the visible, historical church, once a much more Judeo-Christian reality, is sadly quite affected! Btw, manners are always central for God’s redeemed people! I know mine can be a bit crusty with my military background, so forgive my rough edges at times. PAX

    God Bless All! And best Fr. Anthony!

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