Bloggers Play ‘Critical Role’ in Defending the Church

From here:

Relations between Catholic bloggers and Church officials have at times been quite strained as the new media has developed in the last couple years. Some prelates, clergy, and chancery officials have expressed strong reservations about the Catholic blogosphere, with some even speaking quite derogatorily.

Church leaders have been angered by the penchant of many bloggers to call them out on their failures to expound and defend controversial Catholic teachings on moral issues like contraception, homosexuality, and abortion.

The difficulties got to the point that last year the Vatican convened a special conference for bloggers to try to build bridges and learn more about this new method for advancing the Gospel.

But now even the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is saying Catholic bloggers have a “critical role” in defending the Church.

The Bishops’ Statement is here (pdf.).

If only all Bishops would realise this, instead of perpetually blaming the bloggers.




3 thoughts on “Bloggers Play ‘Critical Role’ in Defending the Church

  1. Blogging is a tool, and its effect depends on its use. Handled with humility, charity and discretion, it can do a lot of good. Likewise with the use of the combox (and here I must accuse myself of frequently slipping)–avoid speculation, anger and trying to score a point, and consider whether this comment is really necessary. Perhaps we all need to remember the dominical injunction to be the salt of the earth, which is not the same thing as super-hot chilli.

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