Consecration of the Bishop John Vaughan (ACA)

Writes Bishop Chandler Holder Jones (Anglican Province of America) who was one of the principal consecrators:

On Wednesday 18th April 2012 at Saint Stephen’s Church, Timonium, Maryland, the Right Reverend John Vaughan was consecrated Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of the Eastern United States of the Anglican Church in America. The three principal consecrators were the Most Reverend Brian Marsh (ACA), the Right Reverend Stephen Strawn (ACA) and your blogger (Anglican Province of America). The other consecrators were the Right Reverend Robert Loiselle (APA), the Right Reverend George Langberg (ACA) and the Most Reverend Council Nedd II (Episcopal Missionary Church)…


A few more photos here.

Is the Anglican Province of America part of the TAC?  Or how about the Anglican Independent Communion? And the Episcopal Missionary Church? All here – not guests – but consecrators!

UPDATE I:  My, my… I just Googled the Episcopal Missionary Church and Wikipedia has:

The Episcopal Missionary Church of South Africa, whose Presiding Bishop is the Rt. Rev’d Albert Shange.


Lo and behold.

UPDATE II:  Diocese of the Eastern United States (where Bishop Vaughan will function) reports:

The Rt Rev John Vaughan was consecrated Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of the Eastern United States at St Stephen’s Pro Cathedral in Timonium, Maryland.

Bishop Vaughan was consecrated by The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in America. Other consecrators were The Rt Rev Stephen D. Strawn, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley and The Rt Rev Chandler Holder Jones, Suffragan Bishop of the Anglican Province of America. Co-consecrators were The Rt Rev George D. Langberg of the ACA and The Rt Rev Robert Loiselle of the APA.

Consecration of The Rt Rev John Vaughan, photo taken with The Rt. Rev. Stephen D. Strawn, The Most Rev. Brian Marsh, Council Nedd II, The Rt Rev George D. Langberg of the ACA and The Rt Rev Robert Loiselle, The Rt Rev Chandler Holder Jones.

Bishop Vaughan, who is rector of St Patrick’s  Church in Titusville, Florida, will serve the Diocese of the Eastern United States, a diocese that embraces over a dozen parishes in the southeastern part of the country.

Prior to his consecration,  Bishop Vaughan was presented with a hand made crozier, one that had been created by a member of St Stephens church. The crozier features a carved shamrock. The Shamrock is representative of Bishop Vaughan’s Irish heritage. It is also a symbolic means whereby which Celtic priests have traditionally explained the Trinity.

Following his consecration, St Stephens hosted a wonderful reception.

People from several jurisdictions attended the service.

The Ven. Guy P. Hawtin preached the following sermon at the Consecration of Fr. John Vaughan, Bishop-elect of the Diocese of the Eastern United States, Wednesday in the First Week After Easter, April 18th, 2012.

Read the sermon



15 thoughts on “Consecration of the Bishop John Vaughan (ACA)

  1. Am I the only person here who finds all this rather sad and a little bit reminiscent of reordering the chairs on the Titanic? Fr Vaughan is a former Roman Catholic priest from Ireland, raised with no interest in the Church of Ireland which was seen (certainly in his youth) as an English imposition on the majority faith.
    His conversion, originally to ECUSA, came with his marriage and was not a question of falling out of love with the RC Church, but of falling in love with a woman. Fair enough, but let us not pretend that the now Bishop Vaughan was attracted by the English traditions.
    These photos lack one thing – laypeople. Why is it that the smaller a group becomes, the more bishops it seems to need – remember, he was ordained as a suffragen, not a diocesan bishop.
    I suppose we should at least glory in there being one among the ACA House of Bishops who has undergone a full and deep theological training in a Seminary and has a long pastoral pedigree.
    These seems petty – I am sorry, I don’t mean to be but I just find it all so sad.

  2. To shed a little light for you Father Smuts:

    The Anglican Province of America signed an Intercommunion agreement with the ACA last year. It claims 6,000 members. The Episcopal Missionary Church has around 30 congregations (I think one has applied to join the Ordinariate – St Columba’s, Nevada; or has it given up?). How many are in the ACA now? Less than the 5,200 they claimed I would guess. Certainly not enough for too many Bishops I would have thought.
    The ACA has at least 4 bishops (Strawn, Marsh, Landberg and Vaughan), The APA has 2 Diocesan Bishops, 1 Suffragen and are looking for another Suffragen, whilst also having a Diocese without a Bishop.
    The EMS has 5 active and two retired Bishops and are in a special relationship with a Charismatic Epicopal Bishop who was consecrated by the EMS’s former Presiding Bishop (who is also a former Bishop of the ACA).
    It is all terribly reminiscent of the scene from ‘Oh, What a Lovely War’ when “The first staff officer jumped right over the next staff officer’s back, and the next staff officer….” Remember – “they were only playing leapfrog” but Lord help the poor bloody infantry.

  3. St. Columba’s is still Ordinariate bound. Fr Bauer is one of those clergy doing formation be means of video link iirc.

    1. I believe there are two St Columba’s. One is in Lancaster, CA, and I don’t believe it’s listed as a parish going into the Ordinariate any longer. The other is in Nevada and is listed on the Anglican Use site, but I believe the list there isn’t fully up to date, so the question regarding either of the St Columba’s is still open.

  4. Just a note, Columba is an Irish saint! 🙂 Thanks be to God, I can stand on the general nature and history of the Anglican Communion! Here is that grand Bishop John Jewel, that literary apologist of the Elizabethan Settlement!

    1. Sorry buddy…I am a bit fractious at the mo. My Dad’s anniversary (Kevin Barry was his name), tooth extraction and a huge bill for my car all in one week.
      I was at my cousin’s wedding at weekend – a Cavan farmer, he arrived 10 minutes before the ceremony explaining to the bride’s frantic mother: “As long as I am here before she is, where’s the harm? Mpatrimony in an English setting dor you.

      1. Wouldn’t be my neck of the woods but I do know some people from out that direction.

    1. My Tighe grandfather was from Co. Cavan (Muntirconnaught parish); his wife, whom he met and married here in the States (in 1898) from Cloonlugh, Co. Sligo. Small world.

      1. I actually know some Tighe’s from Cavan town; the father used to be the local Garda Superintendent.

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