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Writes Fr Dwight Longenecker:

I’m not going to even bother linking to Paul Oestreicher’s column in London’s left wing paper The Guardian. It’s the usual progressive gibberish–full of sentimental arguments, ignorant speculation and politically correct mumbo jumbo all designed to shock, annoy, ingratiate himself with the enemies of the gospel and gain some juicy headline coverage.

To tell you the truth, I’m weary of the whole “inyerface” homosexual activism. I think my only response from now on will be to remind people of the sins that cry to heaven:

CCC 1867: The catechetical tradition also recalls that there are “sins that cry to heaven”: the blood of Abel, the sin of the Sodomites, the cry of the people oppressed in Egypt, the cry of the foreigner, the widow, and the orphan, injustice to the wage earner.