Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition

The Catholic League:

Ten years on from the successful exhibition at the Vatican Museums to mark half a century of warm ecumenical relations between the See of Peter and the Church of England, here is the online presentation of the first part (made possible with a grant from the Catholic League), charting Anglicanism’s communion of origins with the Latin Catholic Church of the west and thus their shared commitment to fullness of communion.

Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition

Check out the the document. It’ll make for some nice Sunday reading.



4 thoughts on “Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition

  1. I’m not sure I see the point of such joint endeavours anymore bar academic and historical ones. The CofE has chosen a path that has made unity impossible. This sort of thing muddies clear water with unwarranted and unrealistic hopes.

    1. Note, it was founded by Anglicans, in an ecumenical desire & dialogue! WE must note we worship the same God In Christ, but beyond this it does get muddy. But not all Anglicans are liberal & broad church, thankfully.

    2. Nothing is impossible with God! I am remembering how “muddy” the waters must have looked to the Pharisees when they saw Jesus consorting with sinners–watching “with unwarranted and unrealistic hopes”. Jesus said to Nicademus: “The Wind BLows Where It Wills”–is it not God WHO Wills and brings about Unity in HIS Way, HIS Place, HIS Time–‘a thousand years are like a day’ to HIM. We are simply ‘grains of sand’ in time that, at any given moment, ‘shift with The Holy Spirit’ or…become as ‘irritants’ in the eyes of others–after which then, we are just flushed out and become ‘hardened clay’ baked by the sun/’Son of Justice’!

      1. Indeed Margaret, we are really talking about more than the visible church, but the redemptive people of God themselves, “elect” known only to God, but also to themselves ‘In Christ’! (Rom. 8: 12-17, etc.)

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