Former Prayer Chapel now a London Abortion Clinic

The Westminster Record reports…

An abortion clinic in Ealing was once the site of a prayer chapel, founded and developed by Christian healer Dorothy Kerin.

Kerin, who was herself healed from a serious illness by a deeply religious mystical experience, responded to a vision of the Virgin Mary by founding Chapel House for prayer on Mattock Lane in the late 1920s.

The prayer chapel became part of Kerin’s first residential home of healing. The home is now part a complete that includes Marie Stopes International, one of the largest abortion providers in the UK.

The connection between the place of prayer and Marie Stopes International has caused distress for many people including members of the Catholic community.

Bishop Alan Hopes, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster said “The fact the Chapel House was founded as a house of prayer and healing, and is now home to an abortion provider is a tragic betrayal of the life and mission of Dorothy Kerin.”


Judgment will come.



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